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There will be no new episodes of ‘The Wife’ next week

'The Wife' will be going on a one-week break as a sort of palate cleanser before season two begins the following week.

Some fans of the Hlomu book series and its television adaptation, The Wife, have found themselves disappointed with the direction in which Stained Glass Pictures chose to take the show.

Namely, the direction that the main characters Hlomu and Mqhele have gone. These fans may soon find comfort in the fact that The Wife is set to shift focus as of 17 February.

This past week, Showmax sated audience appetites by releasing four new episodes of The Wife instead of the usual three episodes per week. However, there will be no episodes of The Wife next week.

This is because the show will be going on a one-week break as a sort of palate cleanser before season two begins the following week.

Season two of The Wife will now focus on the story of Zandile and her love, Nkosana (aka ubuthi omdala, big brother).

In another highly contentious casting for the show, Zandile will be played by actress Khanyi Mbau.

Khanyi Mbau on 'Zandile the Resolute'
Khanyi Mbau will play the lead in ‘Zandile, the Resolute’, ‘The Wife’s sequel series. Picture: Supplied

Until this point in the story, Zandile has been languishing in jail while the Zulu brothers go to extremes to get her out.

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Nothing much has been shared about Zandile’s back story in the show so viewers who do not have the book as a reference have no idea what her story is. Season two is set to dive into this.

What happens to Hlomu and Mqhele?

Although it has not yet been confirmed by Showmax, The Citizen believes it is safe to assume that they will remain on the show and their story will continue to play out on screen, just not as the main focus of the show.

Fans will, therefore, not have to deal with watching the triggering events that unfold in Hlomu’s abusive marriage that seems to have no end in sight.

However, fans may be keen to see what will happen now that Hlomu and Qhawe have committed what people consider the ultimate betrayal against Mqhele. This despite Mqhele murdering Hlomu’s ex-boyfriend in a jealous fit of rage.

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