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Mark Pilgrim’s partner in hospital, a little over a year after the broadcaster’s passing

Pilgrim lost his battle with cancer in March 2023, aged 53. Adrienne Watkins is in hospital to remove metal from her ankle.

Adrienne Watkins, the partner of late broadcaster Mark Pilgrim is in hospital, just a little over a year since Pilgrim lost his battle with cancer.

“Back in hospital to get all the heavy metal removed from my ankle.  So grateful this is behind me,” wrote Watkins in an Instagram post.

The post was reminiscent of Pilgrim’s countless photos of himself in the hospital, which touched a number of people, while battling Cancer.

The renowned radio jock passed away on 5 March last year, at the age of 53.

“Back on crutches and pimping my knee scooter with a special teddy from my beautiful nieces to keep me safe for the next while till I can walk again,” wrote Watkins in her recent post.

It is understood the couple were together for three years, before Pilgrim’s demise.

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A year on

The night before the anniversary of Pilgrim’s death, Watkins reflected on his life and their time together.

“All I can think about is that a year ago today would have been our last night together. The last night I could hold your hand in mine and hold you close knowing that no matter what happened everything would be ok cos we had each other,” shared Watkins.

“I can’t believe it’s been a year without you my love bug. My heart hurts so much,” she wrote.

“I wish more than anything we had more time. I think of you every minute of every day and still can’t believe you [are] gone. I love you so much my baby. I’m so very sorry I couldn’t save you,” concluded Watkins, with a broken heart emoji.

The pair’s love for each other was evident. In 2022 after being admitted in hospital following a collapsed lung, Pilgrim wrote a heartfelt letter to his partner, optimistically looking ahead to life outside of hospital.

“Hospital day 4… with my Adrienne by my side. One day, as we sip cocktails on the beach, with our toes in the sand and the girls laughing in the background, we’ll look back at these past months and say that this was one hell of a journey… and we got through it. #dontstopbelieving“.

The Hot 102.7FM presenter was incessantly positive about his outlook, despite his adversity.

He spent weeks in ICU in December 2022, saying on X (Twitter) he gets to go home “after 64 days, 7 procedures and losing almost 15kg”.

In his last tweet, Pilgrim shared how depleted his body had become.

In 2023 his last employers had to release a statement to quell rumours about his passing.

“Hot 102.7 would like to inform the public that Mark Pilgrim has not passed on. Social media posts suggesting he’s died are incorrect. Mark has asked that people refrain from sharing fake news around his condition,” said Hot102.7 MD Lloyd Madurai, in a statement at the time.

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