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By Thami Kwazi

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Moms, here’s how you can recreate Sho Madjozi’s new hairstyle

The Huku singer has perfected the art of the cornrow, and she is a style trendsetter who's often seen wearing different styles of cornrows.

Singer Sho Madjozi – whose real name is Maya Wegerif – debuted her new style that is a vast variation from her usual brightly coloured cornrows to now a darker natural black.

Wearing a new style often referred to as straight-up, the singer attached colourful beads to the ends which had all hairstyle followers asking about the beads she used. Parents were all over her posts asking where they can get the beads or have the style done.

The cornrow style can be achieved with or without hair extensions and the recommended length of time that it should be kept in is two weeks. Due to the nature of styling in Mzansi salons, many moms who follow Madjozi’s styles prefer to have their daughters’ plaited by informal hairstylists who mainly gather on street squares running makeshift salons.

The advantage of this is informal street stylists are versed in many forms of plaiting and price is negotiable. A child’s style will never cost more than R100, and it’s likely to stay at R80 depending on the size of the cornrows. If using extensions, parents are asked to buy their own hairpiece adding more work for them.

The disadvantage is that the hair will have to be washed and conditioned prior to going to the stylist. An exercise some mothers would rather not go through as it can lead to tears.

The other disadvantage would be breakage because scalp treatment cannot be done on the side of a pavement or not finding the regular stylist every time you go for a restyle.

The easiest solution for moms who would rather have a qualified professional tend to their child’s hair, is to go to a formal salon such as Sorbet, Candi&Co, or Lajawi hair in Midrand or Bryanston which now has a specialist children’s salon that caters to little people and their parents.

Salon owner and lead stylist Jawad, who’s partnered up with another salon to open Royal Kids powered by LaJawi, says the kids’ natural hair market is huge.

“Sho Madjozi’s braids are the most requested among little girls and their moms,” says Jawad, adding natural hair is the healthier way to grow hair and just requires a switch-up every few weeks.

Unlike the informal hair trade, the Bryanston-based salon has a stylist who is trained and keeps kids occupied by giving them toys while they have their hair done. Operating from Riverside Mall, the niche salon is often filled with little girls wanting to look exactly like their favourite singer.

Madjozi’s accessories are often enquired about and Jawad says they ensure that they always have the latest beads and accessories trend on stock for anyone who wants Madjozi’s exact hairstyle.

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