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Mshoza takes 18 pills daily for her ‘condition’

Mshoza says her surgical procedure is an ongoing thing and her main concern is that the doctor helping her now is old and retired.

Nomasonto ‘Mshoza’ Maswanganyi has recently revealed in an interview with Drum magazine that she takes 18 pills for her “condition”, though she also clarified that they were not skin-lightening pills.

She further said she recently found out that she was diabetic, “so that’s why these things are happening to me,” she said without clarifying if the 18 pills were for the condition.

She said being a public figure, she felt that if people wanted to continue saying she hated being black, they could do that.

“Deep down, I know for a fact that it’s not about that. I still don’t feel like I want to explain my condition, and the sad part is that this is going to keep happening. It’s a condition that I’m going to have to live with for the rest of my life.

“I just want them to know that it’s not because I hated being black. I was a beautiful dark-skinned woman, and I’m happy with me, I’m happy with myself right now.”

On whether the procedure would eventually stop, Mshoza said it was an ongoing thing and her main concern was that the doctor who was helping her was old and retired, so she was worried about who would help her with the procedures, should anything happen to her current doctor.

If she had to go back, the Kortez hitmaker said she would change absolutely nothing, as she did not have any regrets.

“I believe that where I am right now is because of what I’ve been through, where I’m from, and where I started. The reason why I know so much is because of how it started, when I started. So I don’t regret anything, actually, I feel blessed.”

Though she tried drugs during her Kortez days, Mshoza said she was unfortunate because things did not quite work out for her the first time she tried it.

“At some point I met up with the wrong people, and fortunately the first time they made me try it, I collapsed and woke up in hospital, so I tried it, and it didn’t work for me.”

She says that though she was not judging anyone, drugs were not right.

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