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By Bridgette Matjuda


Nonhle Thema’s skinny weight loss secret revealed

Nonhle Thema opens up to us about her weight loss secrets. We caught up with the yummy mommy and here’s what Mzansi’s media darling had to say.

Nonhle you look stunning Babe! Tell us your secret to all this weight loss

I discovered the Tranqualite pills from Rookaya and Neil they introduced me to them especially the coconut capsule because I’m a huge coconut fan so I love taking coconut milk, coconut water taking anything so I decided to go on the Tranqualite program.
Awesome! So what made you decide to go on the Tranqualite Skinny wellness program?

I decided to go on the program because it has all the awesome ingredients that I need for weightloss, it’s all natural and safe and there’s nothing that gives you any side effects.

Nonhle Thema
Sounds like a dream come true! What changes did you experience? And after how long?

Yeah, I’ve experienced a lot. The skinny capsules melt away the fat at night as you sleep. I’ve seen a HUGE change and I’m kind of maintaining my weight now. I dropped from 69 kg a year and 3 months ago to now, I’m now 55/ 56 kg.
Well done Nonhle, that’s amazing! Tell us, what do you love most about the Tranqualite Skinny wellness program?

There’s no side effects, they are natural and they have moringa which is one of my favourite ingredients!

In conjunction with the Tranqualite Skinny wellness program, what did you do to snap back into shape?

I’m also doing boot camp, I train and workout. I eat healthy, I eat vegetables a lot and tons of fruits as well. I drink freshly squeezed juices from Quench. I don’t like fizzy drinks and I don’t like too much sugar in concentrated juices. These capsules are safe to use for any woman, even those who are breastfeeding, they are just perfect!
How is the Tranqualite Skinny wellness program helping you to maintain your ultimate goal weight?

When this is like liposuction without the work. It works on the stomach area. Once you melt away the fat naturally and safely. I recommend it for every mom.

Tranqualite Skinny

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