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Phumeza’s ‘Abandoned’ returns just after she reunited with her biological father

The docu-reality series 'Abandon' hosted by Phumeza will premiere on 9 January 2024 at 8pm on Mzansi Magic

After she herself reunited with her father last month and found much needed closure, media personality Phumeza Shoba’s tv show Abandoned returns to re-unite families who have life-long unanswered questions.

Abandoned is a Mzansi Magic tv show that attempts to reunite children with their long-lost or unknown parents. Its last season came to an end in 2022 and the show’s fans have been wondering about its return. The docu-reality series will premiere on 9 January, 2024 at 8pm.

Abandoned “walks viewers through the delicate process of healing, offering a chance for forgiveness, and the restoration of family bonds”, read the channel’s statement.

“Bringing together the expertise of private investigators, researchers, the joint efforts of the Department of Home Affairs and the South African Police Service, every story is a combination of complex emotions, societal pressures, and hope for a second chance.”

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Timely return

The come-back is quite a timely one, considering that Phumeza reunited with her father who abandoned her at birth. More than being the host of the programme, the former Our Perfect Wedding host became the subject in one of the episodes where she went looking for her father, who turned down her request for a reunion.

“He literally abandoned me, I want to know why he chose not to be part of my life?” asked Phumeza in the episode.

“When I came out, everything fell apart. I’m the light-skinned one and everyone else is dark,” she said in the episode detailing some of difficulties of her upbringing.

Phumeza’s father is White, which made it more glaring to everyone around her that she must have a different biological father than her siblings.

From abandoned to reunited

But last month Phumeza got to spend time with her old man and she expressed her joy with her followers on social media.

“What a sense of humour this old man has, a kind heart. Everything happens in its own time. Allow God’s plan to follow through. Yes, we missed out in this lifetime, but it is well,” said the TV host in a post.

“The inner work, self-introspection, healing has had to level up and this is where we started. God keeps them coming, only because he knows we can deal and have to end these karmic cycles.”

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