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Phumeza Shoba finds closure as she finally spends time with her biological father

Phumeza previously shared on a TV show she hosted about her difficulties of growing up not having a relationship with her biological father.

Media personality Phumeza Shoba finally found closure after being able to spend time with her estranged biological father who abandoned her at birth.

“What a sense of humour this old man has, a kind heart. Everything happens in its own time. Allow God’s plan to follow through. Yes, we missed out in this lifetime, but it is well,” said the TV host in a post on Friday morning.

Phumeza hosted Mzansi Magic’s Abandoned, a TV show premised on helping those deserted by their parents to reconnect with them. The show ran for two seasons.

In the last episode of the show’s first season, things got more personal as Phumeza went on the journey to search for her own father. She tracked him but the old man gave her a cold shoulder, which left her reasonably emotional.

“He literally abandoned me, I want to know why he chose not to be part of my life?” asked Phumeza in the episode.

“When I came out, everything fell apart. I’m the light-skinned one and everyone else is dark,” she said in the episode detailing some of difficulties of her upbringing.

Phumeza’s father is a white, which made it more glaring to everyone around her that she must have a different biological father than her siblings.


“The inner work, self-introspection, healing has had to level up and this is where we started. God keeps them coming, only because he knows we can deal and have to end these karmic cycles,” she wrote on social media on Friday in a more cheerful mood.

In 2021 she spoke to The Daily Sun about the irony of hosting a TV show which directly talks to what she’s been struggling with her whole life.

“Being part of the show has been life-changing,” she said. “I am now kinder than I was before because I got to see first-hand that a lot of people are struggling but they don’t get to voice out what they are going through.”

“I’m a very empathetic person and sometimes I would make people’s problems my own,” she said. “So everyone involved in the show constantly checked up on me to ensure that I’m okay and I receive enough counselling so that I don’t take the problems back home.”

“But if I’m being honest there are some stories that never leave your mind. You can’t easily cut ties as these are real-life stories.”

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Celebrating her hubby

Phumeza is married to muso Mnqobi Shoba, who is formerly known as Shota. He reportedly changed his name from Shota (which is a clan name of Mdabe, his previous surname) to Shoba because his father never followed traditions when marrying his mother. He is now goes by the name Shoba which is his mother’s last name.

“I was told that marriage is not only about paying lobola and having a ceremony; it is also about the wife having an ‘acceptance ceremony by the groom’s family’. When I asked my father if he observed custom regarding my mother, he said he could not remember. That was when I knew that I did not belong there and had to go back – and now I use my mother’s surname,” he told the Sunday World.

Shoba was part of Black Coffee’s history-making performance at Madison Square Garden and his wife Phumeza couldn’t resist giving her hubby his flowers.

“Only God can do that. Congratulations my love, you deserve it all after everything you went through,” wrote Phumeza in a social media post.

“Black Coffee, God continues to show his love and light through you. It’s only the genuine people around you who know what a big, kind, loving heart you have. You always try lift those around you to better lengths. And this is why you will keep rising!”

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