Princess Charlene’s recent IG post leaves followers worried about her

Many feel being away from home, her twins and her husband has taken a toll on Princess Charlene, and she may be feeling much lonelier now.

Princess of Monaco, Princess Charlene, has been in South Africa for months now, and the separation from her home and her family seems to have her feeling lonelier than ever.

Her Serene Highness recently took to social media to post a video where she wished hers and her husband Prince Albert’s foundations a successful evening at the Monte-Carlo Gala for Planetary Health fundraiser event, which took place on 23 September 2021.

“Wishing the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation for this evenings fundraiser a successful and magical moment. With all our gratitude, HSH Princess Charlene de Monaco,” read the Instagram post.

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The video shows a photograph of the princess submerged in water while wearing a tiara, with only her head showing above the water.

The photograph is captioned: “As I was born of the ocean so the ocean was born of me. I present to you a piece of both.”

The photograph was taken by Vanessa von Zitzewitz and it left some people questioning the princess’s state of mind.

According to Express, the video was merely Charlene’s attempt to show that her heart and thoughts were with all those involved in her and her husband’s foundations, and to also show that she still remains attached to Monaco.

Other international publications, however, did not see her Instagram post that way, and reported that her post could have a deeper meaning to whatever she may be going through, being away from her family and her home for this long.

French daily newspaper called Le Figaro said her post seemed enigmatic.

Elle magazine also reported on the post and said it was mysterious, while The Times said it raised some concerns.

The Princess of Monaco flew to South Africa months ago to focus on her foundation’s work, and to visit her brother and her friends who live in the country.

She has since been battling an ear, nose and throat infection, which led to few surgeries, and has stopped her from making her way back home to Monaco.

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