WATCH: Ray J claims Kris Jenner orchestrated Kim K sex tape ‘leak’

Ray J recently went live on Instagram to prove his claims and provided a lot of convincing 'receipts' as part of his evidence.

Years after the release of the infamous sex tape that catapulted the Kardashian family to multi-million dollar fame, one of the sex tape’s stars, Ray J has emerged with evidence supporting the rumour that the family’s matriarch, Kris Jenner had a hand in the leaked sex tape.

The American singer alleged Kris made him and her daughter, Kim Kardashian, “reshoot” the sex rape at least three times as she wanted Kim to “get a better look” in the video.

Interview with James Corden

During a past interview with James Corden, the host brought a lie detector test to use on Kris Jenner and asked the “momager” whether she helped the KKW beauty mogul release the sex tape.

Though she refused having had a hand in it, the songwriter had a different view on the matter and claimed that the man who did the test was a fraud.

Instagram DM’s

Ray went on to show conversations between him and Kim on the Instagram live stream where he laid all these claims bare and his live stream was later shut down (presumably by Instagram HQ).

“I’ve been nothing but a team player – we all had an agreement [and] now you are trying to drag my name for your new show and that isn’t cool. When we sat down with Steve Hirsch – founder of the adult entertainment company Vivid Entertainment – and your mom, we planned all of this together,” the conversation read.

He said this referring to the first few episodes of The Kardashians’ latest Hulu/Disney+ show that revealed there might be more, unreleased footage left over of the infamous video.

Following the additional footage saga, according to the texts, Kanye went on to tell Ray J to give them the footage, which he gave Kanye including pictures.

Picture: Twitter sceenshot

Though Ray J said he doesn’t want to expose the real truth and what actually took place, he said the Kardashian’s are leaving him no choice but to speak on the matter.

“Kim Kardashian had her hand and fingerprints all over my contract,” he further said on his live.

The musician also alleged that the third sex tape was kept as “safety”.

Ray J claimed Kris Jenner not only helped set up the trip where the videos were filmed but that she also watched the videos afterwards and allegedly chose “the first video” because it gives Kim “a better look”.

At the time of writing, the Kardashians had not publicly addressed Ray J’s allegations.

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