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Rorisang Thandekiso reveals why she is still a virgin at 33

Rorisang said she has never drunk alcohol, never had sex, or done anything that could lead up to it.

Singer and TV presenter Rorisang Thandekiso opened up about her purity journey and waiting for marriage.

She was a recent guest on Mpoomy Ledwaba’s popular YouTube channel where she also unpacked what it means to have a relationship with God.

Rorisang said she decided to wait for marriage when she was 12 years old and decided on celibacy at the age of 14. She said her decision was influenced by the teachings that she got at home and her religion as a Christian.

She also revealed that not having sex for her means not doing anything that leads up to it. This includes four play and touching as she explained.

“It was based on my mother’s bible teachings. There was a show called Soul Food. We were watching it late at night, and my mother saw us watching it, and there was bible study the next day.

“It was almost like the sex talk but wrapped up in our faith. But I love the fact that she included our grandmother in the conversation. At 14, there was understanding because it was scriptural and was designed for my peers as opposed to becoming from a pulpit.”

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Rorisang’s reasons to stay virgin

The singer said waiting for marriage is not her main goal. She said she is more interested in being given somebody by God that will love her and will see everything God has out for her.

She said she is still a virgin because: “One, because God says so. Two, me, I, and I between me and him want to stick it through. Three, the lucky guy who gets to get me will reap the benefits of something he never worked for but will be a blessing from the Lord. 

“However, that is not my main goal. I am more interested in being given somebody by God that will love me and see everything that God has out for me. And I’m sure it’s great to have a good sex life, but it is not the only thing.”

Going to God with receipts

Rorisang said it is important to understand God’s plans for her life so that when she decides to be celibate and wait for marriage, she doesn’t do it because she believes that is what God wants for her. She also admitted going to God with “receipts” when praying for her life.

“I remember I once went to God with receipts… I said to him: I have never drunk in my life, never had sex. My body was being attacked from a health perspective, and I was like, Lord I deserve better… how come this is happening to me, and God said all those things were for you.

“Whether I drink or don’t drink, it doesn’t change the fact that God is still God or whether I have sex today or not… he is still God,” she said.

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