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By Bonginkosi Tiwane

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Shimza steadfast on his support for ANC despite Mmusi Maimane’s criticism

Maimane was active on X throughout election day, criticising celebs who support the ANC, with Shimza being his main target.

DJ Shimza was one of the targets of Mmusi Maimane’s salvo of shots aimed at celebrities who made public their endorsement of the ANC, as elections were underway throughout the country.

But the renowned DJ has remained unbothered by this.

“You have sworn at us for a long time, this isn’t the first time. We’re used to it and we don’t care,” wrote Shimza in a tweet, responding to critics of his political choice.

Party leader of Build One South Africa (Bosa) Maimane criticised Shimza after the DJ from Tembisa posted the ruling party’s flag on his X timeline.

Maimane responded to this by describing him as “the biggest beneficiary. DJ Tinstwalo wama tender. You have more tenders than hits,” said the former DA leader in a tweet.

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Maimane’s wordplay

Maimane showed some wit in his responses to Shimza, showing off some wordplay.

By using the ‘UR’ instead of correctly writing it out, the Bosa leader was referencing Shimza’s popular rooftop shows, titled U’R [Home].

In another tweet, Maimane placed a screenshot of a 2021 article on the DJ being under investigation by the Public Service Commission (PSC).

The investigation was about how Shimza, whose real name is Ashley Raphala, bagged a R150 000 government gig allegedly without tendering for it or being in the department of tourism’s database.

But in posting the article’s screenshot and a photo of Shimza behind the decks next to Fikile Mbalula, he caption his thread: “Athi ngithule” (let me keep quiet).  

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The correct spelling would’ve been ‘Awuthi ngithule’ but he misspelt the first part to reference Athi Geleba, who is Head of Digital Communications in the Presidency, and is also Shimza’s partner.

In another post targeting broadcaster Loot Love, Maimane displayed more tongue in cheek. “Loot Love endorsed a party that loves to loot,” said Maimane’s tweet.

He was responding to a now-deleted post by the ANC’s Fikile Mbalula which showed Loot Love encouraging South Africans to cast their vote on election day.

Kaya FM personality Sol Phenduka, who is known for playing around with puns, quipped in response to Maimane to ask if he had somehow written Maimane’s hilarious tweets.

Bongo Maffin group member Stoan Seate was also one of Maimane’s victims, with the politician referring to Stoan as the ‘passenger of Bongo Maffin’, insinuating his lack of talent or being the least talented in the ensemble.

“He needs the gig because iphelile imali yamaphepha?” quipped Maimane.

The tweet said the muso needs the ANC gig because he’s ran out of money, but ‘imali yamaphepha’ also refers to Bongo Maffin’s classic song, Mari Ye Phepha.

Maimane’s humorous criticism wasn’t lost on social media users who said this is the best version of the politician – with some even considering to give their vote to Bosa.

After ANC secretary-general Mbalula posted his inked-finger after casting his vote, Maimane mad fun of the politician’s thumbnail, saying it needs some of Tammy Taylor’s products. Tammy Taylor is an international brand that specialises in manicures and nail art treatments.

But Maimane’s attacks on Shimza were relentless. Even when casting his vote, Maimane said he is voting to remove Shimza tendencies.  

“Today we are voting to remove 30% pass mark from the system. Sikhipha ubuShimza.”

Music artist Yanga Chief also responded to Shimza’s tweet of himself playing a DJ set in front of a huge crown, which he captioned: “An ANC beneficiary at work”.

Shimza is currently in Europe on tour. While South Africans cast their votes in Mzansi, the Tembisan was at a gig in Darmstadt, Germany, and will be in Skopje, Macedonia, next.

There are a slew of other shows on his itinerary and he is expected back in Mzansi at the end of June.

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