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‘Not everything needs a minimalist look’ – SA reacts to new FNB logo 

The new FNB logo was unveiled alongside changes to the banking app, and South Africans aren't happy about it.

South African bank First National Bank (FNB) recently unveiled an app ‘overhaul’ along with a brand redesign, but it doesn’t seem to be growing on people. The new FNB logo has been trending, and everyone is sharing their opinion of the brand redesign.

And the feedback is not good…

A News24 report hailed this new logo as the biggest change at FNB in 35 years. The brand redesign comes alongside an overhaul of the bank’s digital platforms to create new features around payments.

The bank shared its new look by changing its profile picture to the new logo across all social media platforms and opted to explain its vision through a press release published on its website.

For years, the FNB logo has been a simplified black outline of an acacia tree against the bank’s signature colours.

It has now received a minimalist treatment in line with the bank’s new digital focus. 

“FNB is reimagining help as it strives to make every day easier and tomorrow better for all its customers, taking a bold step forward on its journey into the future,” read part of a statement on FNB’s website. 


Reactions to the new FNB logo have been lukewarm at best with many questioning the need for the change as well as the end result of the new look. 

Over on Facebook, followers of the bank’s profile didn’t seem to think the new logo looks like a tree.  

“What happened to the tree,” asked Pasco PK. 

“How I loved the tree though,” commented Sphephelo Ntuli. 

“No this tree, bring back the old one, it’s terrible,” said Mpendulo S Kona. 

New FNB logo explained

“The refresh helps us to create a versatile brand look and feel that aligns with our accelerating transition to helping customers beyond banking into lifestyle and business solutions categories,” explained FNB Chief Marketing Officer, Faye Mfikwe. 

“We intend to embark on this journey while remaining deeply rooted in our brand heritage and brand promise of ‘How can we help you’,” Mfikwe said.

“At the heart of our evolution is the appreciation of our responsibility to keep up with the step change in customers’ needs and the global transition to a platform era.

“We believe that our efforts set us apart as a formidable provider of advice-led financial and lifestyle services, underpinned by exponential help,” added Mfikwe.

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