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Tbo Touch mourns his uncle Nsizwa Robert Molefe

Nsizwa Robert Molefe played a pivotal role in Touch’s life, not only in his personal sphere but also in business. At one point he lent Touch R100,000 to start a business.

Metro FM radio personality Tbo Touch has paid homage to his late uncle, Nsizwa Robert Molefe, who assisted him throughout his life.

“The man who raised and took me in as his son, from my early days at Suncrest to General Smuts High. We did my homework together and gave me a shot when I started my first business. You helped so many people in the Vaal and across the country!” wrote Thabo “Tbo Touch” Molefe on his Instagram.

“This morning I had to confirm your identity with Mohale, Katlego and Abi, and there you were lying peacefully at a forensic pathology unit. Farewell Dr Nsizwa Robert Molefe. I’m going to miss our long enriching conversations.”

Tbo Touch has previously spoken about the influence Molefe has had in his life, even in his business endeavours as an investor or partner.

In 1999, he asked his uncle for a R30,000 head start for a small clothing business. He used the money to buy and resell clothes at a profit. So successful was that business venture that he was able to repay his uncle the initial investment.

“My belief is based on the fact that nobody operates in a vacuum. My success and blessings should reflect on the people around me simply because they share my story, my pain, in the journey of life,” said Touch in 2015.

Around 2010, his uncle came through for the broadcaster when he wanted to establish another business. Molefe lent Touch R100,000 to start a business in hosting events in Johannesburg and Durban.

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Finding the humour

A video of the media personality in a soccer match surfaced on the net this past week, where South African soccer legend Doctor Khumalo nutmegs him in the view of on-lookers.

As expected, Touch was the victim of viciously hilarious memes on social media, of people making fun of him.

But the entrepreneur has taken the jibes thrown at him with humour.

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