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WATCH: TikToker’s acoustic version of OutKast’s Hey Ya! goes viral

Lusanda Ngcobo’s version of OutKast’s Hey Ya! has gone viral, being viewed by nearly two million people on TikTok.

It’s said that an idle mind is the devil’s playground and most of us tend to do frivolous things because of boredom. Not Lusanda Ngcobo though.

She went live on TikTok while bored to record a slowed down version of OutKast’s Hey Ya! which has been viewed nearly two million times.

“I was at home on vacation from university and my mum was working from home, so I didn’t have much company. So the way I keep myself company is by scrolling on YouTube, singing songs I really like,” 22-year-old Ngcobo tells The Citizen.

“I’d been singing this particular song for a while now and decided to record it on TikTok just before I did a live.”

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Receiving love

The lass, who was born in Durban and grew up in Johannesburg, is taken aback by the reception on social media.

“I’m so blown away my goodness. The comments and feedback I’ve been receiving has been so beautifully overwhelming. I can’t believe how touched people are from this cover.”

“You sound like you could cure anxiety… literally sound like everything is going to be okay,” commented Letlotlo Mokomele on TikTok. While Zandile Judith Funda said Ngcobo should sing at her wedding.

The love hasn’t only come from Mzansi, but people from other parts of the world have also been touched by her performance.

“There was a man, not sure from where exactly but definitely from the USA, he sends a voice note on Instagram and basically said he was at work and chasing people away from his office so he ‘can listen to my cover in peace’. It was hilarious and honestly made my day.”

What makes Ngcobo’s version particularly appealing is that the original is upbeat and hers is a slowed down and acoustic, sort of giving the lyrics a breath of fresh air.

OutKast is a six time Grammy award winning duo made up of André 3000 and Big Boi, and is considered one of the most influential acts in Hip Hop history. Hey Ya!, alongside Ms. Jackson and So Fresh, So Clean is one of their biggest hits. Ngcobo is a fan of the Atlanta pair.

“I don’t know when I was introduced to them; all I know is I was very young. Another song I really love from them, which I’m sure a lot of people also do, is Ms Jackson. Maybe I’ll do my rendition of that song too!” Ngcobo says.

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Who is Lusanda Ngcobo?

The likes of Sir Trill and Nomfundo Moh were impressed by Ngcobo.

“There have been – so cool. So encouraging. I’m so invested in these artists’ work, so to see them have an interest in me is incredibly encouraging,” she says.

In addition to having an angelic voice Ngcobo is a keen dancer. “I’m working towards being a professional choreographer. I started out doing ballet at age 5, and I’ve been committed to it ever since.”

But the music bug has bitten her pretty well that she’s pursuing music. She’s shared the stage with rapper Blxckie.

“I’ve had many dance performances but this was one of my first performances singing live. It was so exciting, but to say I didn’t have nerves would be a lie,” shares Ngcobo.

“Performing with a talented artist like Blxckie is super cool, I really appreciate him doing that for me. In terms of music, you’re just gonna have to wait and see…”

“I’ve been going to studio and having as many sessions as possible. I am a student so whenever I get a  chance or a gap in my schedule, I’m making my music, I’m thinking about my music and I’m planning my projects! I’ve heard the requests for music from me and I hope to deliver my best work – all in due time!”

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