Dinner for one: ‘So many friends, one gift’, says Tito Mboweni after celebrating his birthday alone

Despite celebrating his birthday alone, the former Minister of Finance finds solace in playing in his kitchen and recreating recipes.

South Africa’s former Finance Minister, Tito Mboweni, was seemingly left with a heavy heart after his friends had forgotten to send him gifts for his birthday.

The politician celebrated his 63rd birthday a week ago, and took to social media to express his sadness as only one of his friends remembered his special day and sent him a gift for his birthday.

“Let all those who want to know and investigate, know that this is the ONLY birthday present I received. All my friends forgot to send presents!! So many friends, one gift,” said Tito Mboweni in a tweet.

In his post, Tito added some pictures of the only gift which he received on his special day which was a bottle of expensive scotch whisky.

The Twitter investigators amongst Mboweni’s followers did some research on the gift, and found out that the bottle of whisky is sold for R3,750,00.

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It is no secret that the former Minister of Finance for South Africa has found delight in playing in his kitchen and recreating recipes that his followers have found to be “unappetizing” and “a waste of food”.

One of Tito Mboweni’s favourite dishes to recreate is his famous or as some would argue, an infamous chicken stew which he constantly tends to overcook, resulting in most of the chicken being separated from the bone and floating in the stew.

Mboweni’s dishes are also well known for the substantial amount of tomatoes and garlic cloves which he adds to his meals, which are usually added as whole pieces overpowering each dish, and never grated or chopped just to enhance his dishes.

Tito has recently found an interest in cooking masonja (mopani worms), which he usually pairs with homemade pap and mango atchaar, and refers to as his “snack dinner”.

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