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Fans gush over Unathi Nkayi, Thomas Msengana as their son returns from initiation school

The former couple have maintained their friendship to date following their divorce in 2017.

People on social media were pleased to see the harmony and togetherness shown by Unathi Nkayi and Thomas Msengana as the former couple welcomed their son back from initiation school.

Reflecting on Sinako’s return in an Instagram post, Unathi shared a photo of herself and Thomas, which a number of her followers gushed over.

She also expressed her appreciation to friends and family for their support in the social media post.

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“Frame 1! Love you both, congratulations rentals [parents],” commented Thando ‘Thabooty’ Thabethe. “I’m here for the parents,” averred Athi Mabongo.

“My takeout: it’s about the kids, at all cost and benefit actually. Such maturity,” another user wrote on Instagram.

Nkayi and Thomas Msengana have a good relationship with their eldest son.

“They did the old school Hip Hop and I saw how much we all missed each other. Stogie came on and we’re like; ‘you moved it forward for us’. Now A-Reece is on and I’m here with my son. I said; ‘it’s your turn, call me when you’re done’,” said Thomas speaking with The Citizen at an event, he attended with his son.

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After the couple’s divorce 2017, Unathi shared in an interview with Gareth Cliff that despite not being romantically attached to each other, the respect and friendship between them remained.

“We get on well and we’ve always got on. We’ve realised we love each other better differently. We have lunch now, we have dinners, he comes over, he bakes. It’s wonderful now.

“He’s my greatest love. With great loves, you have to allow them to evolve as you evolve. I’m not the Unathi who he fell in love with at YFM. And he’s not the Bad Boy T I fell in love with at YFM,” she said.

Son’s initiation

Around this time, groups of boys return home as men after about a month-long initiation process that happens in the Xhosa tribe.

The return is a watershed moment, not only for the young men, but also their families.

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“Thank you to all our friends and family who shared this special moment with us. Thank you to the Embo Initiation Academy for the dignity in which you take care of our sons. You truly do deserve the title you have earned of being the best initiation school in the country,” said Unathi.

Unathi gav a heartfelt speech at her son’s return, noting some of her son’s body transformation after spending time in the bush alongside other young men.

Cart Blanche host Clair Maswisa also celebrated her son’s return from initiation school in the last few days.

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