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‘uThando Nesthembu’ star MaKhumalo’s impressive new wheels

Thobile ‘Makhumalo’ Khumalo was handed a new Mercedes-Benz C Class, estimated to cost nearly R1 million.

uThando Nesthembu star Thobile ‘Makhumalo’ Mseleku was all smiles when she received a new Mercedes-Benz. 

MaKhumalo is the third wife of businessman polygamist Musa Mseleku and appears in a radio show and TV shows in her own right. 

Pictures were shared on Twitter showing MaKhumalo exuberate when her brand-new Mercedes-Benz was handed to her.

It’s unclear if MaKhumalo purchased the car herself, as in the previous seasons of uThando Nesthembu Mseleku had purchased a Mercedes for his four wives. 

MaKhumalo’s big moment came with a bouquet of flowers, balloons, chocolate, sparkling beverage, and a few gift bags. 

The Mercedes-Benz is a C200 (W206), with a starting price of R972,455.64, according to the South African website.

The C Class is 150 Kw, an automatic sedan, that has a reversing camera, Mercedes-Benz emergency call system, fingerprint scanner, theft protection package and a keyless start amongst other impressive features. 

Season 6 of uThando Nesthembu started off with a bang three weeks ago.

Viewers have seen the tension between the sister wives is still prevalent in the family. 

In the latest episode, questions were raised abouot whether or not the second wife, Nokukhanya ‘MaYeni’ Mseleku, expressed how hurt she was by her husband’s actions. 

The polygamist claimed that his second wife played ignorance with the question of what he deems a “need” for another wife, accusing MaYeni of playing dumb with the topic. 

MaYeni replied: “If you remember your last words very well, you said, ‘those who want to leave can leave, I’ll soldier on”. 

MaYeni is referring to last season when Mseleku told his wives if any of them had a problem with his pursuit of wife number five they can happily leave. MaYeni further expressed that Mseleku said he “took them from other men”, a comment that didn’t sit well with her, as she wanted her husband to explain himself. 

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