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‘uThando Nesthembu’ latest episode: ‘What if wife number five can’t bear children?

Polygamist Musa Mseleku frustrated his wives with more talks of a new wife, whilst MaKhumalo made candid comments about polygamy

Viewers were left dumbfounded when they found out how much Thobile ‘MaKhumalo’ Khumalo has “sacrificed” for her polygamist husband Musa Mseleku’s quest for a fifth wife. 

The audience of uThando Nesthembu are slowly getting tired of the conversation of the fifth wife. 

It is clear that Mseleku’s attempt to convince his four wives, MaCele (Busisiwe Mseleku), MaYeni (Nokukhanya Mseleku), MaKhumalo and MaNgwabe (Mbali Mseleku) has been largely unsuccessful. 

In the latest episode of uThando Nesthembu that aired on 1 Magic on Thursday evening, MaYeni and Mseleku were still resolving their issues during their heated conversation in which she felt disrespected by her husband. 

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She made it clear that she will not attend a meeting in which the family will discuss a new wife again. 

MaYeni said Mseleku can’t play with her emotions like he did when she was younger. 

The businessman ended their conversation with a clear statement, “Can we please not bring up this issue again?” 

What if wife number five can not bear children? 

The episode proceeds to show Mseleku’s visit to see Mr Ngcamu and get advice, and direction on where his family should be going. 

Mr Ngcamu is a friend of Mseleku but also gives him advice on polygamy. 

Mseleku mentioned how frustrated he was that MaYeni and MaNgwabe were the most vocal against his wishes to get a new wife. 

This video is no longer available.

He also mentioned his first wife, MaCele was against the idea but was willing to compromise. 

Mseleku challenged MaCele’s position, he said: “MaCele would have to sit me down, call all the men of the nation and question the whole family, as to what it is about her that seemed so foolish as to allow me to marry those other wives.”

Mr Ngcamu then said to Mseleku, “If wife number five can not bear the children that you want. Children are a blessing from God”.

Mseleku said whether she can bear children or not is not the problem, “it is about carrying the Mseleku legacy”. Previously he made it clear a new wife was to extend his family.

Mseleku admitted polygamy “is a bad thing”. He made an example of a man deciding to take more wives, even if the last wife hasn’t been in the family for a long time.

“There isn’t a right time to when to introduce a new wife,” he said.

His biggest concern is one of his wives leaving, saying it would leave a bad legacy for him and the clan of Mseleku.

MaKhumalo’s ‘sacrifices’

Mseleku said he is most opened to MaKhumalo during a visit to her homestead.

MaKhumalo has no issues with a new wife being introduced, she was shocked that Mseleku was still talking about this. 

The polygamist expressed his concerns about if he should introduce her, and did it now, it would disrupt the family’s routine and some of the other wives would fight him. 

MaKhumalo said the right way to do things is for Mseleku to give each new wife time to build their new home, sleep with him and spend time with him on rotation with the other wives. 

She surprisingly revealed that in her journey, it took over a year for Mseleku to sleep at her house because she had given her days to MaNgwabe. 

“As a family, sharing is not a problem.”

This was the most talked about comment for netizens, as they couldn’t believe MaKhumalo had “sacrificed” so much for Mseleku. 

MaKhumalo added that her husband will get younger wives the older he gets because they will not be able to satisfy his needs at an older age. 

Twitter reacts to the latest episode of ‘uThando Nesthembu’ 

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