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Want to date Boity? Do you have R450K to give away as a ‘girlfriend allowance’?

Mihlali says a R50,000 girlfriend allowance was acceptable previously, but now that she has grown, she needs the allowance to 'elevate'.

Make-up influencer and YouTuber Mihlali Ndamase recently had a one-on-one chat with media personality and businesswoman Boitumelo “Boity” Thulo, and their heated discussions left social media users shocked and intrigued.  

The video and snippets going viral on Twitter were taken from the recent Cocktail Hour with Boity episode on the influencer’s popular YouTube channel. 

The topic that got viewers talking was about girlfriend allowances, and the allowances the two figures previously received from their exes.  

Mihlali mentioned that she once received a “cute” monthly girlfriend allowance in a previous relationship. 

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When Boity asked her how much she used to get from her ex boyfriend, she responded R50,000.  

Not fazed or shook by the amount mentioned, Boity added that it was definitely a “very cute” amount and that it was enough to sort out Mihlali and her life at the time.  

Tweeps were left in shock at Boity’s response and the way she was not moved by the amount, and most said this might be because she is used to getting “big money” from her partners.  

The Ba Kae star then asked the influencer how much girlfriend allowance she would be looking to get now in her current relationships, and Mihlali said R100,000 would be acceptable because she is now expensive and has elevated in her life.  

When the question was posed to Boity, she said at moment, she would be open to getting a girlfriend allowance of R450,000 a month, to ensure that she is happy and comfortable, and that she does not bother her man with anything else.  

Here is what tweeps had to say about Boity and Mihlali’s girlfriend allowance chat:

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