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Why Denise Zimba finally apologised to Ayanda Thabethe

Zimba says sorry for calling fellow TV presenter Thabethe talentless on national TV back in 2017.

Nearly five years after first calling fellow TV presenter Ayanda Thabethe talentless, Denise Zimba has apologised.

The musician and full-time mom has grown visibly as a person and she recently took to Twitter to confirm this. She spent some time sharing lessons from her recent reflections and made sure to remind people that she will always be “Thee Denise Zimba” they know, just a more “grown-up” and humble version.

“I’ve learnt and grown so much during my stint in the industry and becoming a mom. Being a parent is not for everyone and I totally understand that. For woman who don’t feel the need, that’s perfectly ok! You are more than going after the motherly dream …” began Zimba.

She went on to say she views her daughter as a gift and has inspired her to change for the better.

“Leah shook my being … her existence called me to order. Not for anyone else, but for myself! I was humbled like you cannot believe BUT reminded of who the f**k I am!” she said.

Upon reflecting and growing, Zimba seems to have gone on an apology tour of sorts and admits that she could have handled being asked about Ayanda Thabethe on Vuzu’s V-Table differently.

She thanked Thabethe for responding with “so much love and understanding”.

Zimba made it clear her admission should not be seen as her changing her mind about every single thing she has said.

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She further added that she did not intend her comment about Thabethe to be malicious and she acknowledges that it affected Thabethe negatively. Although she did not intend to hurt Thabethe, Zimba sees that she did hurt her and apologised accordingly.

Zimba concluded by reminding people that her reflection is not a sign she is retiring from the entertainment industry.

“And when I come back … AGAIN I WILL IGNITE the industry and create a new level of where we need to be, and remind you that we have all power to do so. Leah was my wake up call from the universe, my humble pie, my ‘don’t forget who the fuck you are, and why you are here’. And I’m still gonna be naked and go nuts on ya’ll asses … And if you still don’t keep up, AND SLEEP ON ME AGAIN, one of your own?!… I got a German Passport … Goodnight.”

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