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#RHODurban: What really happened between Sli and her ex?

The third season of 'The Real Housewives of Durban' is finally here and fans are ready to sink their teeth into the long-awaited new season of their favourite show.

One of the first things people got to see were the new cast members and taglines of The Real Housewives of Durban and honestly speaking, Sorisha is the only one who sounds like she put some thought into hers.

Mrs Robinson’s riches

Right off the bat, we were introduced to Jojo’s newfound penchant for spending Calvin’s money as she showed off what she calls her upgraded lifestyle since the last season.

“A rich bitch is someone who doesn’t look at the price on anything they buy,” mused Jojo before announcing that everything on her this season is new.

All this as we watched her hop into her McLaren where she sat as she invited the housewives to an event she was planning on hosting.

Real Housewives of Durban Season 2
Jojo Robinson
Picture: Supplied/ Multichoice

Life gets sweeter for Nonku

Viewers then got to catch up with fan favourite, Nonku Williams, who declared that she was in a better place this season.

She had a sit-down with new cast member Wendy Slindile Ndlovu who becomes the first spiritually gifted cast member in The Real Housewives franchise.

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Slindile gets dumped for another woman

During her catch up session with Nonku, Slindile touched on her headline-making break up that saw her ex leave her for another woman and walk straight down the aisle to make that woman his ex wife.

According to reports by Sunday World and Sunday Sun, the man in question is AmaZulu boss Sandile Zungu.

She told the publication how they began dating in 2016 after he lost his wife Zodwa to cancer and got engaged three years later.

Slindile said that she was studying in the US at the time he proposed and explained that she went to live with him when she moved back home.

As his fiancé, she says she attended every AmaZulu event, ran his club house and his late wife’s foundation and attended every parents’ meeting for his kids.

It was then that she says he placed a condition on their union stating that she needed to finish a project she was working on for him before he could start lobola negotiations with her family. Though she finished the project, her promised marriage never came and instead went to another woman.

“We had a minor argument and he said he doesn’t trust me anymore. He stormed out of our home but I didn’t take it seriously. I actually laughed because the fight wasn’t even serious. I waited for him to come back but he didn’t,” she told the publication.

She found out about her partner marrying another woman in the papers like everyone else and though she admits to being hurt by the entire situation, she claims she is ready to move on and build and entirely new life.

When contacted for comment by the paper, Zungu refused to comment pending him seeing the show.

“I sometimes do miss him because in all honesty, I invested a lot. My time, my expertise… everything… Everything that I am, in that man, To an extent that I even left my kids behind to be with him,” she said during her #RHODurban diary session.

She further added that she has nothing to show for that relationship except for the clothes that she owns and the car that she drives.

#RHODurban: What really happened between Sli and her ex?
Slindile Wendy Ndlovu
Picture: Supplied/ Multichoice

Sorisha opens up

During a catch up session of her own with Annie, Sorisha opened up about how she feels about not getting as much time as she would like to have with her very busy husband Vivian Reddy.

She lamented feeling bad about not being able to give her family the kind of life some other families get to enjoy in the time they get to spend together.

Her revelation may come as a surprise to Real Housewives of Durban viewers who are under the impression that Sorisha lives a perfect and fulfilled life.

Real Housewives of Durban Season 3
Sorisha Naidoo
Picture: Supplied/ Multichoice

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Nonku vs Annie

The episode touched on the ongoing tension between Nonku and Annie which doesn’t seem to have subsided since the last season.

The ladies – Sorisha, Sli and Jojo – also spoke about the ongoing tension during a small gathering hosted by Nonku as a way to introduce some of the ladies to Sli.

The conversation then took a turn where Nonku highlighted that she had seen some red flags in Annie’s marriage.

This also made way for Sli to address how she feels about Jojo, even going as far as calling her classist for how she spoke to and about former friend to the show, Mabusi Seeme.

Later on in the episode, Sorisha shared how she was keen on building a friendship with Sli, citing the fact that she loved her energy.

There were a few callbacks to past RHODurban moments in this episode; namely, shady callbacks to the moment where Jojo hired Londie London to perform at her party and Londie flaked on her as well as the delivery of a bouquet of flowers reminiscent of the infamous “petal” moment.

The episode ended on a dramatic note with a confrontation between Nonku and Annie supplemented by Sli and Sorisha much to the surprise of viewers who thought Sorisha often avoided the shenanigans.

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