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Real Housewives’ Christall Kay denies being in ‘stressful financial position’

'Real Housewives of Johannesburg' star Christall Kay denied reports that she may turn to crowdfunding in light of her increasing legal bills.

South African reality TV star Christall Kay has denied being in what has been called a “stressful financial position resulting from the ongoing drama with the sale of her home.  

‘Stressful financial position’

Earlier this week, a number of publications ran the story that Kay now finds herself in a “stressful financial position.

Kay, who now works as an image consultant, reportedly told The South African that she is running low on funds and is considering turning to crowdfunding to continue paying for her legal costs. This was after a report by Zimoja which claimed that she was now “broke and homeless”.

“This is not a joke. This case is draining my funds. It is just a thought, but I’m considering crowdfunding.

“The cost of paying for alternative accommodation as well as still having to pay for the bond costs, rates and levies on my own property have forced me into a stressful financial position. At the moment, the matters are worsened by not having a steady income and still supporting my nine-year-old son she reportedly told The South African

Speaking to The Citizen on Tuesday, however, Kay slammed the report by Zimoja as fake news and stated her intentions to take legal action against the publication for “fake news about my social status”.

“They put a false headline in which is totally defamatory,” she added.

Recap: What we know about ‘RHOJ’ star Christall Kay’s fight for her R8 million mansion

Last October, Sunday World reported that Kay was in a battle to take back her R8 million Kyalami mansion from businesswoman Kholeka Bubu. 

Kay claimed Bubu initially paid her a deposit of just over half the purchase price into the estate agent’s trust account but never made further payments after.

Thereafter, Christall Kay gave The Citizen an update on the battle to get her mansion back.

Kay claims that Bubu was going to be part of season three of Real Housewives of Johannesburg.

“We had better days since she was going to be part of the housewives series. Production approached [Bubu] to star in the opening scene of season three. I was going to hand over the keys to her she says.

She also showed The Citizen a picture of the two outside the house during the alleged key handover.

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Kay said she moved out of the Kyalami house because Bubu paid a deposit just above the purchase price of R8 million. The reality star and singer then claims Bubu did not pay an instalment and when she missed the date to do so, she was given an extension. However, Kay sent her a notice of cancellation in terms of the sale agreement.

“She didn’t pay an instalment and tried to pay the last amounts through a bond. But this was a cash agreement, it was never a bond agreement Kay said. 

According to Kay, Bubu was only paying around R20 000 a month, which is much lower than the agreed R65 000.

Last October, Kay told The Citizen that she moved out of the mansion to a new home in Dainfern but that she was still paying the bond and levies for the house.

Kholeka Bubu turned to the court to try force her to sell the house to her and previously declined to respond to any requests for comment citing the fact that the legal battle had yet to be resolved by a judge.

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