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Does Tokyo’s return to limelight mean we’ll see more of his partner?

The former presidential hopeful made headlines this week after a shocking claim on TV, which may have been part of a bid to re-enter politics.


Businessman and politician Tokyo Sexwale’s name was back on the news radar this week after he claimed that money from a huge heritage fund meant for the poor was stolen.

He made the “revelations” during an interview on eNCA’s Truth to Power talk show hosted by JJ Tabane. Sexwale explained that he had assisted in raising money for the fund, alongside “a very powerful family”,  to fight Covid-19 and to assist university students plagued by debt.

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But the billionaire may have been conned, as National Treasury and the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) released a statement on Monday saying Sexwale’s claims “point to a common scam”.

Sexwale’s claims came at an interesting time, as it may be he is looking at another stint in politics. The successful businessman was the face of The Apprentice South Africa, a spinoff of the popular entrepreneur show starring Donald Trump in the United States.

He has previously made unsuccessful bids to become the ANC president and in the last few years, he hasn’t been heard of since.

Sexwale is estimated to be worth more than R3 billion. After his more than 20-year marriage to Judy van Vuuren ended in acrimonious divorce in 2013, he shacked up with a much younger woman, but not much is known of Sexwale’s current partner, Nataxa da Silva.

Who is Nataxa da Silva?

Reports from as early as 2013 claimed Sexwale was dating the then 22-year-old law student and model. Sexwale was 60 at the time. Some thought she was his daughter, TimesLIVE reported. This is not the first time Sexwale has dated a partner someone younger,  van Vuuren was a young paralegal when she met Sexwale while in Robben Island.

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Da Silva doesn’t have a Twitter or Instagram profile. Her Facebook account hasn’t been updated since 2013, nor is her work experience public knowledge.

The duo have continued being seen together over the years. In 2015 they attended model Rosette Mogomotsi’s wedding in the Western Cape. The following year they welcomed a baby boy and in that same year Nataxa made an “appearance” during a feature on Sexwale’s riverside home in Dinokeng for Top Billing. She was in a picture of the couple in their master bedroom.


Their most recent sighting was in 2019 during President Cyril Ramaphosa inaugural address.

This story has been updated to include more information.

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