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17 Sep 2021
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WATCH: ‘Mnakwethu’ viewers come together to help MaShelembe

Kaunda Selisho

'Mnakwethu' viewers from Ladies House group organised a drive-by/drop off baby shower to collect gifts, essentials and supplies for MaShelembe.

Makhosi Shemelebe (MaShelembe) decided to leave her toxic marriage after being ambushed into polygamy on TV and 'Mnakwethu' viewers put their resources together to help her. Picture: Facebook

Mnakwethu viewers who were left emotional by last week’s episode have put their weight behind their feelings and banded together to help Makhosi Shemelebe (MaShelembe) after she decided to leave her toxic marriage.

Mnakwethu viewers watched in awe as her husband Langa, from KwaZulu-Natal, poorly went about bringing his intended second wife in the picture.

Watch as Kay Selisho and Sandi Mbhele explain how people came together to help Mnakwethu’s Mashelembe

Langa wanted Musa to assist him in asking his wife, MaShelembe, to accept his mistress MaSithole as his second wife.

Langa then dropped a bombshell and told Musa that he had already paid lobola for MaSithole and that his first wife knows nothing about it. He also revealed that MaSithole was four months pregnant.

Essentially, Langa had gone against the dictates of the practice of isithembu by not informing her wife and going aheda with the process with no permission whatsoever. 

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Mnakwethu viewers were also taken aback by MaSithole’s stance and understanding of isithembu. She said if Langa got a third wife, it would be a dealbreaker for her and that the wife needed to respect her first.

When Langa and Musa confronted MaShelembe, she refused to let her husband take a second wife. When she saw how determined he was to marry MaSithole, she opted to leave her marriage instead.

Among her reasons for doing so was the fact that Langa barely had enough money to provide for the family he had and he even went on to take on a new family.

Facebook users from Ladies House group, who are also Mnakwethu viewers, organised a drive-by/drop off baby shower to collect gifts, essentials and supplies for MaShelembe to help her in her new life.

It has also been reported by ZAlebs that they organised a job for her in order to ensure her financial independence in order for her to care for her children with Langa. 


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