Lerato Maimela
Digital Journalist
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22 Oct 2021
9:59 am

Viewers react to MaYeni’s ‘bitterness’ on ‘uThando Nes’thembu’

Lerato Maimela

On the recent episode of 'Uthando Nes'Thembu', Musa spoilt his wives by sending them off to a vacation for some bonding and relaxing time.

Musa Mseleku and his four wives on 'uThando Nes'thembu'. Picture: Twitter

On Thursday evening’s episode of Mzansi’s most loved polygamy reality TV show, uThando Nes’thembu, Musa Mseleku thanked his wives for the beautiful birthday celebration they threw for him by sending them on a getaway.

The trip also served as an opportunity to get the wives to spend more time together and create closer bonds, especially since their husband has said numerous times in the past that there is no unity in their polygamous marriage, mostly among the four wives.

When the wives arrived at their destination, they each had to choose a set of keys to their separate bedrooms. Jokingly, the first wife, MaCele, snatched the second wife MaYeni’s key out of her hand, which angered her and left her in a sour mood.

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On their trip, the four sister wives decided to play a game to make their mini vacation a little interesting, but the attempt to lighten the mood quickly died and created tension between the wives.

The game was each wife picks a note from a box filled with different notes, which all pose a question to whoever picked the note about an act of service they recently received from one of the other wives.

After they have read out the question on the note, the person reading the note then places a flower in front of the wife who has recently given the act of service, which has been specified on the note.

Viewers were not shocked to see that MaYeni did not receive a single flower from any of the other wives, because they know that she has the habit of being cold and rude towards her sister wives.

What angered the viewers was when MaYeni received a note which asked her who was the last sister wife to transport her kids to and from school, or anywhere else, and she failed to acknowledge and thank MaKhumalo with a flower as she transports her child from school to her home every Monday and Friday.

Here is what viewers had to say about Thursday evening’s episode of uThando Nes’thembu: