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22 Oct 2021
11:16 am

‘7de Laan’ storyline expresses support for saving rhinos

Renate Engelbrecht

The recent storyline in which '7de Laners' Alexa, Fikani and Tjattas are involved in a rhino poaching syndicate shed light on the continuous urgency of saving our rhinos.

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7de Laan has had its viewers on the edge of their seats for the past couple of days with a stressful storyline, creating awareness about the reality of rhino poaching and the urgency to stop it.

As if Alexa and Fikani don’t have enough on their plates already, the couple and Tjattas were recently confronted with a strange medical emergency when a poacher was brought into the clinic with a rhino horn sticking out of his chest. The realistic scenes brought to life what most South Africans only hear about in the news.

Tjattas recognised the patient and identified him as “Oom Bricks”, his neighbour from the squatter camp, who once helped him to secure money from dangerous loan sharks.

After numerous efforts, Oom Bricks unfortunately succumbed to his injuries, instantly shifting the loan sharks’ attention to Tjattas and his loved ones. The loan sharks started putting pressure on Tjattas to repay the money and his failure to pay up resulted in the thugs working for the loan sharks and roughing him up a bit.

Eventually, Tjattas decided to go and see the loan sharks’ big boss to ask for more time to come up with the amount he owed them.

The loan shark, who is a military man named Majoor Jak, gave Tjattas the opportunity to pay off his loan by poaching the two horns of a white rhino, which inevitably puts Tjattas between a rock and a hard place.

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7de Laan's Tjattas in trouble
Tjattas is in trouble. Image: Supplied

Tjattas, who is generally a good-natured person, finds himself at the centre of a terrible rhino poaching syndicate – something that also seems to be threatening his nearest and dearest.

Fun ‘7de Laan’ fact

The rhino horn was carved from a block of polystyrene and then sanded, and the exterior was made from a product called Free Form Sculpt. The horn was mounted on a tiny piece of Masonite board and then tied around the actor before adding the bloody finishing touches and gauze.