Is 7de Laan’s Rickus taking his bodybuilding too far?

7de Laan’s Rickus has been training nonstop for the upcoming bodybuilding competition and actor André Lottering says he might just start to compete in real life too.

The Afrikaans soapie, 7de Laan’s Rickus has been through many an ordeal over the last couple of months and as is his tendency when life throws him curveballs, he has once again taken up something to prove himself worthy. The upcoming bodybuilding competition has many wondering whether Rickus isn’t taking it too far…

Dedication is key in bodybuilding

According to actor André Lottering, his training schedule has been quite the journey. He had nine weeks to transform his look and where he normally eats 2,000 calories a day, his daily calorie intake for the last two weeks added up to 1,200.

On screen, Rickus’ body has been changing rather quickly and viewers and fellow 7de Laners are speculating that he might have started using PEDs again – the reason for him not being able to pursue a professional career in tennis. Still, there’s been a lot of hard work, dedication and training going into the bodybuilding competition – both on and off screen.

Lottering says that not everyone understands bodybuilding as a sport, but Rickus’ storyline has inspired him to enter a real-life bodybuilding competition next year.

“My wife doesn’t like the idea very much, but I say: ‘Why not?’ It’s amazing how people are able to transform their bodies.”

Is Rickus obsessed?

Many 7de Laan fans are worried that Rickus might be taking his training too far. Lottering says that although he thinks that the bodybuilding competition might have become a bit of an obsession for both himself and his 7de Laan role, viewers should give Rickus the benefit of the doubt. “He just wants to be the best.”

It’s in Rickus’ genes to give everything to become the best – a trait that is seemingly just as strong when it comes to Lottering. He often finds himself training too hard and says he had to pace himself during the 9-week training schedule. He also had a bodybuilder guide him on which nutrients to take when and literally ate around the clock.

“The last three weeks I almost lost it. I was completely calorie depleted.”

Although Rickus has been adamant to prove himself to Lana and to see it through, Lottering says there comes a time where you realise it’s too much.

“Sometimes you need to eat a pizza, a burger, drink a beer, live life.”

He says that you need to allow your body to rest and according to him, dedicating twelve weeks to training for a specific goal is one thing, but pushing your body to its max continuously cannot be a good thing.

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Bodybuilding and moral support

Rickus has been thriving on Lana, Shaun and his sister’s moral support while Lottering also relied on off-screen support from family and friends while getting his body Rickus-ready.

He says: “People don’t really understand what you’re going through. You become irritated in the last two weeks and you need people who understand it.”

7de Laan's bodybuilding storyline
Has Rickus been taking it too seriously? Image: Supplied

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