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2 Dec 2021
10:01 am

‘The Wife’ reactions: ‘Hlomu does not know how to see a red flag’

Lerato Maimela

Mqhele has been given a second chance by Hlomu as she forgives him and goes back to him after their recent altercation on 'The Wife'.

The Wife. Picture: Instagram

The plot on The Wife continues to thicken as Hlomu is finally exposed to the real man her new lover Mqhele really is, under the flawless and smitten facade he has carried throughout the previous episodes to win Hlomu’s heart.

In episode seven of the telenovela, viewers were crushed to see Hlomu being a victim of gender-based violence as Mqhele laid hands on her simply because she decided to switch her phone off and ignore his phone calls throughout the day.

Naturally, this called for grounds to end the relationship, and in the next episode Hlomu packed her bags and dashed off to her father’s home.

When Hlomu got home she spilled the beans on her new, short-lived relationship and told her family that it had ended on an abusive note, and they all advised her not to go back to him.

Mqhele, however, was devastated by the way in which their relationship took a sour turn, and could not fathom the idea of losing Hlomu and never seeing her again, so he arrived unannounced at Hlomu’s hometown to apologise for his abusive behaviour and to try get her to come back home with him.

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Initially, Hlomu was not having it and asked him to leave, but Mqhele was persistent. So much so that he showed up at Hlomu’s father’s house where he got a beating from Hlomu’s father himself.

The connection between Hlomu and Mqhele must truly be love, because Hlomu eventually gave in and forgave her man for his abusive behaviour.

She, however, was the only one willing to look past what Mqhele had done because her father made it clear that he would not be forgiving him.

He also gave Hlomu an ultimatum and said if she goes back home with him, then she is no longer allowed to come back home for whatever reason.

Some viewers of The Wife were annoyed at the fact that Hlomu went back to Mqhele after doing what he did, but others understood that sometimes love needs to be given a second chance.

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