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6 May 2022
11:10 am

RHOD reunion: One of the wives is pregnant, Jojo’s expensive attempt to fit in

Lerato Maimela

Part one of The Real Housewives of Durban reunion special kicked off on a hectic note with one of the housewives revealing she is pregnant.

Jojo, Annie and Sorisha behind the scenes of The Real Housewives of Durban. Picture: Instagram

Season 2 of Mzansi’s favourite spicy and dramatic reality television show, The Real Housewives of Durban came to an end weeks ago, but the ladies recently came together again to shoot the two part reunion special hosted by Donovan Goliath which aired on Friday morning.

Donovan opened up the show by asking each cast member how they have been doing, and asking them to share their opinions on how they think the reunion is going to go, since the reality television show ended off on a dramatic and sour note.

Most of the ladies shared the same sentiment that they were excited to see one another, but were also nervous because they knew that as a friend group there are some issues they need to unpack and resolve.

The ladies then learnt that Londie London was pregnant with her second child, and that she had been keeping her pregnancy a secret throughout the show.

Goliath then asked Jojo what it was like to be a new housewife on RHOD and be in the same room as the other housewives.

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Jojo said it was not an easy journey for her because the other ladies are fabulous and everything they do and wear is often over-the-top.

She even revealed that she felt so much pressure from being around the other housewives that she bought herself a designer Louis Vuitton handbag just to fit in.

The host then touched on the beef between LaConco and Thobile which went on throughout the season.

Goliath addressed the issue that viewers felt that LaConco is easily influenced by the other housewives to dislike someone even though she has no real reason to dislike them.

Speaking out on the matter, Thobile said she has never felt that LaConco’s attitude towards her was influenced by other people, but that LaConco was merely just being her mean self.

She also revealed that there has never been an incident where she was unkind to LaConco, and that she created a false narrative about MaKhumalo which she herself started to believe.

The topic on the show was then shifted to Annie and the backlash which she received throughout RHOD from viewers who felt she was a mean girl who was constantly on a mission to get other housewives to hate on whoever she did not get along with.

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Annie said she was affected from being a trending topic for the wrong reasons, and that she needed a lot of help from her husband and therapy to overcome that moment in her life.

Mabusi later joined the other ladies on the reunion episode, and her close relationship with LaConco was unpacked, following the heated discussion on why Annie had some resistance on adding her to the Whatsapp group where all the housewives discuss their plans and trips.

The dramatic reunion episode was tied together when the ladies touched on the Nambithi Game Lodge vacation hosted by Londie which saw a rift between the ladies.

There was tension throughout the trip because half of the ladies were jetted down to the game reserve by Sorisha and her husband, while the other housewives spent hours on the road as they were driven to the holiday destination.

Thobile finally revealed what was said about Sorisha by the other ladies behind her back on the first evening of the trip, and even though Mabusi and LaConco tried to deny the allegations, Nonku said everything which Thobile heard was unfortunately true.

Here are some reactions from The Real Housewives of Durban reunion special episode: