RHOD: ‘Annie and Jojo are such mean girls’

Annie and Jojo are convinced that LaConco may have lied about 'Petals' and the wealth which she claimed he has.

Another episode of Showmax’s RHOD aired on Thursday evening, and the majority of the episode took place from Sun City where the girls had another vacation.

On the previous episode, Annie announced the surprise vacation during the traditional maiden ceremony which was hosted by LaConco, and while all the other ladies seemed excited for the trip, LaConco felt that the destination of their vacation was slightly underwhelming.

On the day of the trip, Annie, Jojo and Sorisha decided to split the bill on a chattered plane which took them to the location of their girls trip.

During a private interview session, Sorisha gave a disclaimer that she invited all the ladies on the Whatsapp group to join them on the plane and then split the cost of the plane, but the only two ladies who responded to her text were Annie and Jojo.

“There was such a big hoo-ha the last time about us travelling with Thobile and Annie and Myself and Joji so this time around we have a Whatsapp group and I said ‘Ladies, we are travelling on this charter, whoever wants to come through with us, please pull in and here is the invoice, we can split it’.

“It eased tensions and people had choices,” said Sorisha.

When all the housewives eventually arrived at Sun City, they were served welcome drinks as well as delicious canapés, before being taken to their luxurious hotel rooms where they each found personalised gift baskets which were gifted to them by the host of the girls trip.

When the girls were all settled in, Nonku decided to pay Sorisha a visit, where she found out that Sorisha was staying in a much bigger luxurious hotel room than any of the other ladies, because her husband had upgraded her hotel room as a surprise before she arrived to Sun City.

“So I get to Sorisha’s room and guess what, her room is bigger than mine. ‘Course its Sorisha, the billionaire,” said Nonku during her private interview session.

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On the next morning of the girls trip on RHOD, Annie had planned a champagne brunch for the ladies where she opened up the festivities by thanking the housewives for clearing their busy schedules and coming onto the trip.

While having brunch, the ladies then discussed a topic which was previously brought up by Annie of starting a Chanel stokvel which entails that each of the ladies will contribute a certain amount of money each month, which will then be put together at the end of the year to buy someone a Chanel handbag.

The ladies then also discussed how Thobile is not really present in the friend group, and how she seems to always distance herself or disappear when the housewives have made plans to be together.

Thobile made it clear that she does not disappear or distance herself, and that she simply will not be present in conversations if she has nothing to say.

“I really think that people um…they have not given themselves a chance to know me. I don’t see why I should make time to get to know Mabusi because I’ve noticed that she’s not keen,” said Thobie during her private interview session.

After having the day off to relax and spend some alone time, the ladies of RHOD were woken up the next morning by invitations from Annie to join her at The Valley of the Waves for a fun filled experience.

While Annie was secretly handing out the invitations through everyone’s bedroom doors, Jojo bumped into her to share some shocking revelations on LaConco’s new boyfriend who they all refer to as “Petals”.

Annie revealed that she found out who LaConco’s new man actually is because they stay in the same estate, and further found out that Petals does not own a yacht like LaConco claimed, and is currently looking for a roommate to share an apartment.

“Petals isn’t as rich as LaC said, which is weird because she never should’ve even said anything because there is not pressure. We have no pressure as our group of friends,” said Jojo during her private interview session.

“I definitely feel like I need to ask her because I don’t feel like I can trust her. I don’t know her and I’m just…like, I’m scared,” said Annie.

The episode of RHOD ended off with Annie inviting LaConco over to discuss the revelations which Jojo shared with her.

LaConco made it clear to Annie that she does not owe any of the housewives any details of her private life , and that if she feels the need to share anything with the ladies then she will do it in her own time and in her own way.

“If Annie and Jojo were taught to go around sticking their noses in people’s businesses, they’re welcome too,” said LaConco in her private interview session.

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