Sandisiwe Mbhele
Lifestyle Journalist
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1 Jun 2022
11:20 am

Somizi demands entourage pay him back R3K each after footing R30K bill

Sandisiwe Mbhele

During the latest episode of 'Living the Dream with Somizi', he said he will no longer be paying for everyone.

Somizi Mhlongo. Picture: Instagram

In the latest episode of Living the Dream with Somizi (LTDWS), the media personality’s glamorous lifestyle and vacation homes were at the centre stage. 

In a season that has held nothing back, Somizi Mhlongo once again mentioned his failed marriage to Mohale Moutang, the big bombshell being dropped at the end of the latest episode on Showmax.

Somizi’s family is in Cape Town for New Years’ Eve festivities and during a tennis match with friends he joked he would get married again, and that his marriage to Mohale was a “dress rehearsal”. 

Viewers have had an insight into the friendship between Khanyi Mbau and Somizi during a rough period in the actress’s life.

Somizi made plans to have Mbau fly to the Mother City for News Year’s Eve, and while viewers could hear the distress in Mbau’s voice, it’s not explained what the star was going through during that time.

The New Year’s party was themed black with a touch of gold, and Somizi gifted his friends black and gold Bathu sneakers designed by him. 

In attendance were close family and friends, including Vusi Nova and Ndo Mahelo, as the group prayed for a better year.

A father and daughter relationship that has been strained seems to be on the mend, as Bahumi Mhlongo expressed during a boat ride with family members that her father, Somizi, has been very present, something that rarely occurs during family holidays.

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After the festivities, Somizi shared his concerns about Ndo’s sad demeanour during their trip, advising him to take care of himself, something he is trying to do more of as well.

Somizi then went on to complain about the bill he had to foot during their last outing where he paid R30,000.

However, he asked the people with him to pay him back R3,000 each. Somizi said going forward, he will no longer be paying for everyone.

Explaining his position, he said: “I came there to work not to play. They couldn’t believe it,” adding he was very proud of himself, as in past instances he would let it slide and it would bother him for a while.

The big bombshell came at the end of Living the Dream with Somizi (LTDWS), as he informs Ndo and Vusi that Mohale video called him at 12.13pm on New Year’s Day.

Somizi says he tried to call Vusi and Ndo – who have blocked Mohale – on WhatsApp and haven’t spoken to Mohale since their separation. 

The Idols SA judge also made it very clear he is not in love with Mohale anymore.

”I don’t know what the intentions are, I don’t even want to care or want to know. I have blocked this person out of my life, out of my phone, out of my everything.”

In the preview of the next episode, Vusi says the call may have been a “love back”, for possible reconnection as a couple.