Pearl Thusi lands lead role in Nigerian film ‘Her Perfect Life’

In the short film, Pearl Thusi stars as the lead character Onajite Johnson Ibrahim, shedding light on the unseen mental health challenges faced by the character.

Actress and media personality, Pearl Thusi, has appeared in a Nigerian short film titled Her Perfect Life as the lead role, co-starring with Joseph Benjamin.

The plot of the Nigerian short film revolves around Onajide Ibrahim, a 39-year-old woman who appears to have it all – a thriving career, a successful small business, a caring spouse, and two intelligent and attractive children.

Despite her achievements, Onajide is contemplating ending her life, leaving the audience to ponder why she would want to do so.

Her Perfect Life sheds light on the unseen mental health challenges faced by Onajite Johnson Ibrahim.

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Behind the scenes moments

On Instagram, the actress posted the cover photo of the short film in which she appears, Her Perfect Life.

These images depict the moments that were captured during the production of this short film.

 Onajide Ibrahim, alongside her husband in the short film "Her Perfect Life". Picture: Instagram.
The role of Onajide Ibrahim played by Pearl Thusi, alongside her on-screen husband whose role is played by Joseph Benjamin in the short film “Her Perfect Life”. Picture: Instagram.
Onajide Ibrahim walking down the stairs with her husband in the movie. Picture: Instagram.

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“Her Perfect Life” production taking shape. Picture: Instagram.
Production crew with the cast. Picture: Instagram.

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Pearl Thusi’s projects aimed to focus on ‘mental health’

Mo Abudu, a Nigerian media mogul has launched a new cinema label that features South African actress Pearl Thusi in two projects aimed at raising awareness of mental health, a topic that is generally considered taboo in all aspects of African life.

In these two projects, Mo Abudu tells powerful stories about people at opposite ends of the spectrum dealing with the same demons.

One of the movies, Her Perfect Life stars South Africa’s very own Pearl Thusi.

In a recent Instagram post, Thusi gave her fans a sneak peek of the Her Perfect Life movie’s plot and what they can expect to see.

Pearl’s new gin

Thusi is making an impact not only in Nigeria but also in South Africa with her newly launched gin, Black Rose X Black Pearl. The actress was thrilled to introduce it to the public, sharing the exciting news on her Instagram page.

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