RHOD: ‘Londie is definitely using Nonku as her storyline’

Sorisha and Jojo have let go of the narrative that Nonku is an alcoholic.

Thursday evening’s episode of The Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) kicked off with LaConco and Mabusi taking a stroll in Durban South on the beach front where they got the chance to exercise and catch up on the girls trip which the housewives took earlier this month.

Mabusi revealed to LaConco she is aware that Jojo is the housewife who is under the impression that her designer clothes, bags and accessories are fake, and that she was the one who asked the question about the designer items during the confessions game which took place on the girls trip.

LaConco then expressed that she would love to host a traditional maiden ceremony, and said she expects whoever of the housewives she decides to invite to the ceremony to be on their best behaviour and enjoy the event without causing any drama.

Meanwhile, Annie had invited Sorisha to her new home, where they got the chance to unpack all that took place at Jojo’s Jochella event which she hosted at her home.

Sorisha revealed that she tried to talk to Nonku about her drinking problem, but the conversation turned south quickly when Nonku became defensive and refused to hear what Sorisha was trying to say, and the help which she was trying to provide to her.

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During Annie and Sorisha’s catch up session, Annie received a call from LaConco who offered to teach her how to make umqombothi from scratch for any traditional ceremonies or events which would require her to know how to make the drink for her family-in-law.

LaConco paid Annie a visit the following day where she taught her how to make the traditional beer, and also extended an invite to her to the traditional maiden ceremony seeing as though Annie is raising a teenage girl and has just joined the Mthembu family.

The day of the traditional maiden ceremony finally arrived and Jojo invited Annie and Sorisha to drive to the event with her, accompanied by a fleet of security.

“I have security, but Jojo has security,” said Sorisha.

“It was a bit unnecessary, but you know, do it for the drama, honey,” said Annie.

“I am wearing the diamond and gold Rolex so it’s better to have the armed guards,” said Jojo.

Soon after LaConco walked in to welcome her guests, Thobile made an appearance wearing a gorgeous, statement traditional dress which she says was her attempt to show LaConco that she honoured the invite, and took the ceremony very seriously.

“I like to be different. I’m wearing this dress believing that they will see that I take LaConco’s event very seriously,” said Thobile.

The final guests to arrive were Nonku and her mother Queen. The other housewives were not particularly happy to see Nonku’s mother because they feel she usually starts drama amongst the ladies when they have all gathered together.

“I’m not the Queen’s biggest fan. As we know. So for the Queen to come, I did feel a little bit awkward, uncomfortable.

“I don’t think she should be like, really chilling with us. I think that maybe she should find her own friends,” said Annie.

During the traditional maiden ceremony, Annie her plans for a girls trip to Sun City for the housewives sometime soon. While everyone seemed excited about the announcement, LaConco felt very underwhelmed by the holiday destination and expected more from Annie.

Here is what viewers had to say about the recent episode of RHOD:

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