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Sex and Pleasure: Showmax delves deeper into what South Africans get up to in the bedroom

Following the success of original local content like 'Sex in Afrikaans' and 'This Body Works for Me', Showmax introduces 'Sex and Pleasure'

One of the perks of not having to adhere to the traditional rules of broadcasting in South Africa is that you get to tackle subject matter that your standard TV channels may not be able to get away with and local streaming service Showmax is looking to do just that with Sex and Pleasure

Sex and Pleasure is an adults-only documentary series that will take a broader look at what South Africans get up to behind closed doors, and, well, everywhere else too. 

Hosted by writer Kim Windvogel and journalist Romantha Botha, the new 18SNL Showmax Original is the third Showmax Original by production house IdeaCandy (Devilsdorp, Steinheist). 

‘Sex and Pleasure’ trailer

To tease audiences (pun intended), Showmax dropped a trailer kicking off with Lesego Tlhabi, the content creator behind the Coconut Kelz persona. 

“Everyone has sex, even your most conservative grandmother had eight kids. So let’s talk about it,” says Tlhabi who famously hosts an online feature called ‘The Group Chat’. 

The Group Chat is hosted by Tlhabi on her Instagram stories where she picks a popular topic inspired by recent events. She then curates a specific focus and asks her followers to submit their experiences which she later shares anonymously along with her reactions to each story. 

Most of her topics have been pretty risque, making her a perfect addition to Sex and Pleasure

Sex in Afrikaans was one of the 10 most streamed titles on Showmax in South Africa in 2022, but it’s clearly not just Afrikaners who like to pomp,” said Showmax in a statement. 

Undressing the team behind ‘Sex and Pleasure’ 

“I’m a sex positive, curious queer who works in the sexual and reproductive health and rights space,” said Kim.

“That’s just feminist talk for believing that people should have access to sexual health information and services.” 

“We made this doccie series because we really wanted to know how South Africans, from various intersections, experience and explore sex in their everyday lives,” commented Romantha. 

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Kim and Romantha co-wrote and conceptualised Sex and Pleasure with director Ayanda Duma, who was also a producer on the South African leg of Planet Sex with Cara Delevigne, available on Showmax. 

SAFTA winner IdeaCandy (Steinheist, Devilsdorp) is producing the eight-part series, which includes playful motion graphics by Mbali Hlatshwayo. 

sex and pleasure concept
Motion graphics by Mbali Hlatshwayo from new 18SNL Showmax Original ‘Sex and Pleasure’ | Picture: Supplied

“The aim is to invite the whole country, from conservative to highly liberal, to take part in an adult conversation that hasn’t been possible until now,” said Ayanda. 

What to expect from ‘Sex and Pleasure’ 

In addition to OnlyFans creators, exotic dancers, and couples talking about choking, the trailer features familiar faces like actor Siv Ngesi and Artscape CEO Marlene le Roux, a disability and women’s rights activist. 

Siv Ngesi
A still image from new 18SNL Showmax Original ‘Sex and Pleasure’ featuring actor Siv Ngesi | Picture: Supplied

The trailer also includes the secret to long life: more sex if you’re older. 

Episode one of the eye-opening series explores sex work, in all its forms – and yes, that includes “slay queens”, according to some of the interviewees. 

Among others, look out for; author Jackie Phamotse, public attorney Sanja Bornman, Moonlight, a Master’s graduate who founded a phone sex academy and dominatrix Mistress Cleo, owner of Fetish Haven, self-described as “the ultimate kink venue”, which she runs with her son. 

Sex and Pleasure interviewees discuss topics such as talking dirty in Zulu, race play and age play, Christmas-themed porn, family reactions and the power dynamics of sex work. 

They also ask why, if doing the horizontal tango is about giving and receiving, the transactional nature of sex is still a crime in South Africa? 

Each subsequent episode will explore tlof tlof in relation to a different topic: parenting, love, drugs, orgasm, disability, age, and spirituality. Look out for appearances from singer Moonchild Sanelly, sexperts like Dr Tlaleng Mofokeng and Dr Mpume Zenda, and publisher Ingrid Jones, among others.  

Sex and Pleasure will premiere on Showmax on 8 March 2023, with new episodes every Wednesday. 

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