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‘This Body Works For Me’ shows SA sex workers are just like you… just sexier

In 'This Body Works For Me', cast members give viewers a first-hand look into their world as workers in the adult entertainment industry.

Because of the nature of their work, most people aren’t comfortable being open and honest about their interest in sex workers and the lives they lead but the interest is palpable and South African streaming service, Showmax, is looking to help them lay it all bare in a new show called This Body Works For Me.

There aren’t many South Africans who can say they personally know a sex worker, therefore, people who make money through sex work and adult entertainment remain quite a mystery for a large part of the population. 

In the Showmax Original reality TV series This Body Works For Me, cast members Bubbly, Gina, Nelly, Primadonna, Samke, Wandi, and Xoli give viewers a first-hand look into their world as workers in the adult entertainment industry.

According to the streaming service, the episodes of This Body Works For Me also shed light on the women’s relationships with their partners, families, and each other, as well as how they balance the challenges that come with everyday life. 

“And of course, like any other reality show, This Body Works For Me showcases all the drama that will unravel among the cast. If you’re wondering if wigs will get snatched… It’s possible. From tears being shed to the outbreak of explicit arguments and physical altercations, each episode will have you on the edge of your seat.”

What would the cast like for people to learn about them?

“I’d like for people to know that I’m as real as it gets. I go for what I want, I’m a hard worker, loyal and ambitious.” 

– Primadonna (The super-confident exotic dancer and aspiring rap artist)

“It’s important for me that people learn that I’m all about body positivity. Nobody should be made to feel inferior about their body. We should not be pressured to live up to what society deems perfect. I’m also here to encourage people to work harder and diversify your income. You are not limited to one job.” 

– Samke (Twitter and OnlyFans star)

Influencer and OnlyFans content creator Nomagugu Samke | Picture: Twitter
Influencer and OnlyFans content creator Nomagugu Samke. Picture: Twitter

“I’m quiet, non-dramatic, all about having fun, and hardworking. I’m all about striving for success.” 

 – Xoli (Self-proclaimed “biggest porn star in Africa”)

Onlyfans content creator and porn star Xoli Mfeka | Picture: Instagram
Onlyfans content creator and porn star Xoli Mfeka. Picture: Instagram

“From being a former exotic dancer to running my own business, Bubbly is the true definition of a hard worker. I may be jovial and fun to be around, but I also don’t take nonsense from anyone – boundaries are important to me. 

– Bubbly (Former exotic dancer and founder of Coochie Care spa)

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“I’m an advocate for always remaining true to oneself. Do you by any means necessary, even when the odds are stacked against you. I’m also here to build the Wandi brand. I won’t rest until I’m a millionaire.”

– Wandi (OnlyFans content creator and a sugar baby)

“I’ll always get what I want, no matter how long it takes. My silence is not a sign of weakness but strength. I call myself Genius-Gina because I truly believe that I am the best and always ten steps ahead of the game.”

– Gina (Exotic dancer and aspiring DJ)

“I’m not just a beautiful woman. I’m also a passionate, book and street-smart individual with a big heart.”

– Nelly (musician and exotic dancer)

Produced by POP and Semamo Productions, the first season of This Body Works For Me is streaming now on Showmax, with two new episodes releasing every Wednesday.

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Compiled by Kaunda Selisho

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