Laerskool Ermelo keeps learners up to date with lessons during Covid-19 lockdown

“We are looking forward to being back at school and in class, hopefully soon.”

Teachers of Laerskool Ermelo are keeping learners up to date with digital lessons during the Covid-19 lockdown in Ermelo since 26 March.

According to Ms Claudia Lottering, teacher at Laerskool Ermelo, teachers post lessons and revision on their school’s Facebook page.

The teachers also created WhatsApp groups to help parents assist learners with their work.

Ms Lottering, said: “The national lockdown does affect the lesson plans as teachers have to adapt lessons to what learners are able to do and not all of them have access to internet and printers etc.

“Alternative lessons can be done as there are lessons on SABC and teachers also keep learners up to date with the work they can do from their text books.

“There are also helpful Apps for language and mathematical development, for example, an App called Flitskaarte, which assist learners to practice their Afrikaans as it helps with sounds, spelling and pronunciation.”

She explained, there are learners and parents who will work hard to stay up to date however, there are some who are struggling due to their circumstances.

Ms Lottering concluded, It is a difficult situation, but teachers of Laerskool Ermelo are trying their best to help everyone and to reach everyone.

“We are looking forward to being back at school and in class, hopefully soon.”

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