Guzzle launches new look

Guzzle has launched its new digital look and feel. Which new changes are available?

Guzzle, South Africa’s leading retail catalogue aggregation platform, has launched its new digital look and feel. Having just celebrated its 11th birthday in July, Guzzle has put the icing on this momentous occasion.

This development is designed to energise its business growth momentum. In addition, it continues Guzzle’s efforts to provide shoppers with an enhanced user experience and ensure quality results for the many retailers that partner with the Guzzle brand.

It’s worth noting that Guzzle website traffic between July 2021 – June 2022 includes:

  • 6,622,646 users
  • 6,402,607 new users
  • 14,297,925 sessions
  • 2.16 number of sessions per user
  • Page views 107,002,023,7.48 pages per session
  • Average session duration was 00:03:42
  • Bounce rate was at a minimum 12.12%.

This tremendous increase in traffic and improved interest in Guzzle by retailers has necessitated revamping the brand’s digital assets and infrastructure. This revamp has been structured into two-phase implementation strategy, with the first phase delivering the following:

  • Cleaner website which displays more content.
  • Cleaner look and feel with a logo.
  • Carousel per popular category on the home page with campaigns being prioritised.
  • New detailed filters on the latest catalogue page.

The new look is set to positively facilitate more in-depth delivery of retail content and developments, a look and feel which is refreshing to the eye and in sync with the Brand image, improved value for money for paid retailers and easier navigation for users.

“We’ve managed to increase year on year viewership by 40% from July 2022 to date, and expect a larger climb heading into the festive season. The new Guzzle website is cleaner and more user-friendly, delivering a seamless browsing experience which will further assist performance,” emphasised Muntasir Bester, CEO of Guzzle Media.

Guzzle, a melting pot of retailers and shoppers, has once again responded to constantly changing retailer and user needs.

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