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PBHS honours heroes

Pinetown Boys' High School hosted its annual sport's awards ceremony recently.

THE guest speaker at Pinetown Boys’ High School’s recent sport’s awards was Sello Mokoena, the president of KwaZulu-Natal Athletics. He said he did not prepare speeches and preferred to rather talk from the heart.

He urged the pupils to go out into the world and do what made them happiest. Mokoena said he found the most important aspect of ones future was to find happiness.

“I grew up on the farm and it taught me about myself and it taught me to be self-sufficient. All you need in your life are three things; an able body, a sound mind and God. If you have these three things you won’t need anything else as you will have your life right in your hands,” he said.

He said sport taught the youth the fundamentals of life and it taught them about who they really are.

“With sport you will taste defeat and you will learn from why you lost and become humbled. I failed more than I succeeded in life and this made me who I am today. Sport teaches you team work and you are only as strong as your weakest link.

“You need to go out there and find your passion, find what makes you happiest in life and stick with it,” he concluded. Numerous amounts of awards were handed to pupils for their sporting and cultural achievements in 2013.

The pupils, parents and teachers left the event feeling inspired by the words of Sello Mokoena.

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