Previously imported Firestone tyres now manufactured locally

Old tyres can be recycled and used for many new and different applications other than just becoming landfill material.

Through research and development, a tyre has been produced that is better suited to local conditions than the equivalent that was imported. The compound for these tyres was developed by Bridgestone’s European labs.

Dries Venter, technical manager, Bridgestone Southern Africa, “Our Firestone FD833 and FS833 tyres have several advantages over cheaper second and third-tier competitors. The tougher material means that the tyres last longer, even on our bad roads, which means that they need to be replaced less frequently. Their tread design also provides excellent traction and are self-cleaning for consistent performance and can be retreaded at last twice because of the sturdy construction.”

Firestone TBR FD833.This synchronises with Bridgestone’s intent to reduce waste and improve the fuel efficiency of its tyres.

Source: MotorPress

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