Kgosi Modisane
2 minute read
11 Jul 2016
1:43 pm

Baby mama drama for Da L.E.S

Kgosi Modisane

Baby mama throws down on Twitter and outs 'side chick'.

Screen shot: Aurea Alexander and alleged 'side chick' Mellisa-Liegh Roberts.

Hip-hop rapper Da L.E.S’s baby-mama, Aurea Alexander, has taken to the streets of Twitter in a quest to oust the alleged relationship between her son’s father and her (presumably former) best friend Mellisa-Liegh Roberts.

The series of tweets started with “Hi @Missrobertsxo I’m just letting you know that @2freshLES is single now so you can F*#ck him freely…maybe you’ll upgrade from the side hoe.”

It is not clear what brought about the tweet from Alexander, however the accused mistress Mellisa had this to say regarding the sudden attack of tweets from her alleged friend: “I really don’t know what this girl is on about, I woke up to my name being dragged for nothing”.

“@MissyRobertsxo everyone warned me about you from day one saying you’re using our friendship to be close to les! All true,” continued the tirade on the social media platform. Roberts however remained mum on Twitter and did not responding to the allegations, leaving the masses to decipher what Alexander may have been referring to.

A screenshot of the tweets.

A screenshot of the tweets.

Socially both Mellisa and Alexander are known to be friends, as this is depicted on Alexander’s Twitter page, and they recently hosted an event at L‘opulence in Mandela Square, Sandton. The pair were also recently spotted at the Vodacom Durban July, All White Opulence marquee which was hosted by Da L.E.S. The July took place July 2.  In Alexander’s tweets she refers to some confrontation in Durban recently, as evident in this tweet.

“Now you wana talk @MissyRobertsxo I actually asked if you wanted to come clean in Durban… Now you have a mouth? Kaaaay.”

It is not the first time that young Mellisa has been implicated in infidelity rumours. Back in 2013, Move Magazine ran a story implicating her to having an affair with SA hip-hop chartmaker and best friends to the current accused partner, AKA.

There has been no response from co-accused rapper Da L.E.S regarding the tweets from his son’s mother.

The Citizen has contacted Mellissa and is waiting for a response from her.