Kgosi Modisane
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30 Oct 2017
1:04 pm

Beauty tips from celebrity makeup artist Sir John

Kgosi Modisane

From art student, producer and mentor to international brand ambassador, Sir John makes his mark on SA Fashion Week.

Sir John

Internationally acclaimed celebrity make-up artist and L’Oreal ambassador Sir John was in South Africa recently for the South African Fashion Week and the Woolworths Style By SA show.

As a leading voice in the cosmetics industry, Sir John has worked on stars like Beyoncé , Kim Kardashian, Serena Williams, Gabrielle Union and many international supermodels representing brands such as Balmain and Dior.

Sir John has spent many hours at Beyoncé’s side, completing her look for some of her most iconic performances.

He collaborated with Woolworths to launch the new in-house WBeauty cosmetic brand, showing his talent for creating looks that highlight natural beauty and a deep understanding of a variety of skin tones.

Using the in-house cosmetics brand, Sir John executed two of the main looks for the Style By SA fashion show, using nude and natural colours and tones, highlighting the strong facial features of the models’ faces.

Tips from Sir John

Do you see a specific beauty trend becoming hot in the next few months?

“I see so many cool things happening right now, honestly. I like the unicorn highlighter. I like the prismatic highlighter for women who are under 35. If you happen to be a bit more mature, I’m going to lean towards under-eye smudges, which would be smoking out the bottom lash line and no eye shadow on top.

“No liner on top. Just tons of mascara. Keeping that lid completely transparent on top doesn’t weigh the eyes down, it gives you rock star vibes because you still have the smoky eye slightly underneath.”

Is there a certain red that looks good on everyone?

“There are so many different complexions so I’m thinking about all women, from Harlem to Hong Kong. Whenever you want your skin to pop or your tan to come alive, you always want to choose an orange-based red. Think ’50s red or tomato red. Those will always make your skin look healthier.

“On the contrary, if you want your teeth to look really, really white and your smile to illuminate, go for a blue-based red. A blue-based red goes anywhere from rasp-berry to dark Merlot lips. Blue-based makes your teeth look really brilliant and an orange-based red makes your skin look healthy.”

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