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3 Apr 2018
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Everything you need to know about dry brushing

Chantelle Bester

Do you want the smoothest skin you’ve ever had in your life? You’re going to want to start dry brushing tonight.

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What is dry brushing?

Dry brushing is a method of exfoliation that makes use of – you guessed it – a dry body brush.


Dry brushing has a long list of benefits – although some are better documented than others. Most of the benefits of dry brushing relate to an increase in circulation. Not only does it improve blood flow, it’s also known to stimulate lymphatic flow.

Another benefit? Super smooth skin, as the brush acts as an exfoliator. It can also improve the appearance of cellulite, but that, like all the other benefits, are temporary – so you have to keep it up to keep seeing the results.

Selecting a brush

Your brush should be firm but not painfully scratchy. The bristles should preferably be made from natural fibers to prevent it from being too abrasive. Ensure that you can comfortably grip your brush – you don’t need to apply a lot of pressure, bu a bit of a handle helps with hard to reach spots.

Brushes to try:

The Body Shop Cactus Brush, R200 (Clicks, The Body Shop)

Lisa Raleigh Dry Body Brush, R250 (here)

How to

With dry brushing it’s advisable to start from the bottom and work your way up:

  1. Brush the soles of your feet, the tops of your feet and your ankles in short, circular strokes. Don’t neglect this step as your extremities generally don’t have great circulation, and improving it has general health benefits.
  2. Work your way up from your ankles to your knees in long, even strokes. If you shave your legs daily, be gently on the bony areas.
  3. From your knees, work your way upward toward your hips in circular motions. If this feels fumbly in the inner thigh and groin areas, switch to longer strokes. Remember to include the outer thighs and buttocks.
  4. Brush inward from your fingertips to your clavicles – be gentle with the skin around your neck and chest. Work your way around to your shoulders as well.
  5. Make gentle circular motions on the front and then the back of your torso, where you can end off your brushing session.

How often should you brush

There are some die-hard dry brushers that do this daily, but if that sounds excessive you can aim for 2-3 times a week. Take care not to over exfoliate any delicate areas of skin – dry brushing does not require deep pressure to be effective.

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