Kgosi Modisane
4 minute read
31 May 2018
9:48 am

New body, new perception

Kgosi Modisane

Prince Kaybee believes when you look and feel your best you perform at your best.

Free State music man turned-fitness fanatic, Kabelo Motsamai, better known by his stage name, Prince Kaybee, is undoubtedly among the newest house music producers and club DJs to join the South African music royal family.

Having stepped into the industry in 2015, this best dance album Metro FM Music Award recipient and now three-time South African Music Awards nominee has proved that looking the part goes a long way when building a brand.

“Being in the entertainment industry, you need to be the full package, which includes looking good and living healthy.”

Kaybee took it upon himself to reintroduce himself to the industry through a full-body makeover which involved eating lots of greens, working out regularly and keeping close to friends who support his new lifestyle.

With a previous body mass of 95kg, the biggest reward has been settling at 83kg. However, for the music producer, the goal is not to only look sexy and appealing, but to motivate fans and people around him to also eat and live clean.

“At first eating right was the hardest – still is but I have found a way around it.

“Now I eat on average six light meals per day, which prevents me from waking up late at night.”

Being a producer and club DJ, Motsamai spends long hours in studios mostly at night, which means most of his mornings are spent in bed, a lifestyle which could easily see someone slipping into obesity.

However, along with his friend and personal trainer Tiger Thebe, he has compiled a wellness programme which will allow him to continue making hits as well as maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Having formed their training relationship on social media, Thebe introdced Motsamai to the tips and tricks on how much better he could look if he trained as much as he gigged. That forced Motsamai to look at himself as a person and a brand, and note just how much working out could benefit him in all aspects.

“I used to get messages from people trying to sell me products and promising they would make me gain muscle and flat abs, which I would ignore.

“Until I was messaged by a guy who purely wanted to help me navigate my way through the gym and show me how putting in the time could help me look my best. That guy was Tiger Thebe.”

Motsamai has moved to Durban so their relationship has had to evolve to weekly video call updates and weigh-ins. Being a bachelor, the producer has had to fully commit himself to his new lifestyle.

“It is amazing how when you look and feel good about yourself, you perform at your best.

“The moment I open my eyes, all I can think of is finishing my 80 push-ups. I could be in a different country and that wouldn’t stop me from getting my daily dose of endorphins.

“In fact, I often find myself jogging around my hotel, which is great because no one will interrupt me looking for a picture, which is not the case at home.”

Last month, Motsamai made entertainment news when he and four other equally talented male artists announced they would be embarking on a fitness challenge titled #HouseMusicGymChallenge.

Lead by Durban-based Afro’tainment founder Tira, actor and singer Anga Makublo, better known as NaakMusiq, Port Elizabeth-born house DJ MobiDixon, award-winning R&B artist Donal and Prince Kaybee, the challenge is centred around promoting healthy living among artists, which will then influence the fans to also live healthily.

Prince Kaybee workout routine

Warm up:

  • 20min sprint run on the treadmill, followed by 10min power walk at a 13-levelled incline.


  • Push-up: 80 push-ups divided into 10 sets of eight, each rep is interchangeable between open or closed chest, as well as leg lift rises.
  • Bounce ball crunch: using a bounce ball placed between your legs, lift both lower and upper body using your abdominal core muscles. Switch between lifting the ball with your legs and straight arms. The trick is to perfectly maintain a balanced line between your feet and arms. v
  • Back and shoulder presses: with both feet firmly placed on the ground, using a weighted bar, pull down, keeping in mind that the more reps you do the leaner the muscle mass, the heavier the weights the bulgier your muscle.
  • Bench leg-ups: placing both feet on the bench causing your body to be in an angle, pull your leg in towards your elbow, keeping balance from your abdomen.