Hayden Horner
2 minute read
29 Jul 2020
12:43 pm

Lady Zamar is tired of Covid-19 destruction and corruption

Hayden Horner

She wrote on Twitter how poverty, illness and widespread corruption is causing sleepless nights.

Lady Zamar is sick and tired of COVID-19 corruption.

Award-winning South African musician Lady Zamar has said the effect of the coronavirus pandemic and the endless corruption taking place when people are starving, is breaking her heart.

Taking to social media this week, the musician said she is having sleepless nights over the poverty, illness and widespread corruption that is taking place in the country.

Directly targeting corrupt government and corporate entities, Zamar said: “Sometimes you wonder if people who steal funds meant for impoverished and disadvantaged people understand that by their actions they’re pointing a loaded gun at the people who need those funds…”

Conveying her deep sadness at the state of the nation under the pandemic, she said cannot stand to see Mzansi crippled the way that it is

“We’re going thru a lot yes…  COVID19 is affecting the global economy but developing countries are casualties in so many other different ways… People who struggled to make ends meet before? What’s happening now? And what is being done to assist families going hungry right now?” she wrote on Twitter.

She added how sorry she is that so many people have been financially affected by Covid-19 and how it breaks her heart that our country already prior to the lockdown was going through a lot.

“… and now I can’t even begin to imagine how people who’ve lost their jobs are coping and dealing with the stress,” she said.

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