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25 Mar 2021
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Who’s South Africa’s richest celeb in the US?

Hein Kaiser

In Rand terms even the lowest Mzansi earners in Tinseltown have more dosh than most of us will earn in several lifetimes

And the money keeps rolling in for South African Hollywood stars. Picture: Instagram

While most of us dream of winning the lotto, a handful of South Africans have struck gold in Hollywood.

While they are still a distance from entrepreneur and South African born Elon Musk’s fortune, who clocks in at an approximate net worth of $ 197 billion and is said to be the richest man in the world.

In Rand terms even the lowest Mzansi earners in Tinseltown have more dosh than most of us will earn in several lifetimes.

Ahead of the back by a mile is singer songwriter Dave Matthews of the Dave Matthews Band. His net worth is estimated to settle around $ 300 million according to www.celebritynetworth.com.

The Dave Matthews Band is one of the most hardworking touring bands on the planet and in the decade between 2001 and 2010 played the most gigs and sold the most tickets to shows than any other band on the planet, playing in front of 11.2 million fans and grossing half a billion dollars in the process.

She may have lost her South African accent but Oscar winning Charlize Theron ranks at 19 out of the Top 20 highest paid female actors of all time.

This, according to Yahoo’s finance rankings, with a net worth of $ 160 million. Theron out-earns Angelina Jolie, Catherin Zeta Jones, and Cameron Diaz.

Jennifer Lopez ranks second highest at $ 400 million with Jami Gertz at the top of the list with $ 3 billion.

When compared to most South African careers in Hollywood and how long it has taken to amass their cash, Trevor Noah has outperformed everyone.

His paycheck rose from whatever insignificant money he was earning at home to his current salary of circa $ 16 million a month as the host of the Daily Show.

According to www.celebritynetworth.com Noah is worth about $ 100 million right now. That is a cool $ 20 million a year in bottom line earnings for the star and 5 times as much as the next South African on the list, who has spent more than 3 decades in US show business.

Boetie Gaan Border Toe was a 1984 film that catapulted Arnold Vosloo into the local limelight.

But, shortly after the films’ success he headed to Californian shores and has since appeared in The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, Hard Target, the smash series Bones, and a long list of other credentials, some 33 movies, 27 television shows and 2 games in total.

He ranks third in South Africa’s Hollywood bank with a net worth of reportedly between $ 3 and $ 4 million (www.celebritynetworth.com).

Vosloo lives in California with his second wife Sylvia Ahi.

While she was recently criticized for her American accent in the Eddie Murphy sequel Coming to America 2, actress and model Nomzamo Mbatha’s net worth is estimated at between $ 1 and $ 5 million.

According to celebrity watch site Gluesea.com it is likely north of the $ 3 million speculated there.  Mbatha is still young and at age 30 already making an impact in Lalaland.

The current face of Santam insurance’s billboards and star of Lucifer, Lesley Ann Brandt is worth around $ 2 million.

The former Capetonian has several films under her belt but the Netflix smash hit Lucifer, where she plays demon Nazikeem, was her breakout role. Brandt’s current salary is around $ 300 000 annually.

Collectively the Super Six can fund the City of Johannesburg’s City Power 3-year capital expenditure noted in last years city budget for R 2,6 billion, in fact Dave Matthews can pay for it and still be super-rich.

Charlize Theron can buy the Carlton Centre, Africa’s tallest office building, which is valued by Transnet at around R 1,5 billion in replacement value according to Wikipedia.

Trevor Noah’s net worth almost matches the R 1 billion each donated by the Rupert’s and Oppenheimers last year for Covid-19 relief.


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