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30 Mar 2021
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The spiritual and emotional side of naughty

Hein Kaiser

It's not all naughty, Janse van Rensburg and Bezuidenhout use ancient techniques of sensuality and touch to take clients on a journey of self-discovery

The spiritual and emotional side of naughty. Using ancient techniques of sensuality and touch to take clients on a journey of self-discovery. Picture: iStock

Who would have thought that playing naughty could be more than just nice? New-age healing pair Ian Janse van Rensburg and Zelmia Bezuidenhout are not only certified Reiki masters and kinesiologists but they use ancient techniques of sensuality and touch to take clients on a journey of self-discovery and energy balance.

It is called an amorous massage and growing numbers of women are becoming interested in exploring the relationship between physical discovery and their spiritual selves.

“In kinesiology there is a basic triangle of being,” says Janse van Rensburg. “At its three points you have the physical or structural on one side with emotional and chemical, what we put into our bodies, at the other two.

It is about finding balance and harmony between these,” he adds. This means that wellness is dependent on good eating habits, well balanced emotions and physical wellbeing all aligning.

“An amorous massage, where clients enjoy a spiritual massage coupled with sensual touch, creates high velocity energy that can be moved around the body, and applied to areas where an individual needs its most.” And women are flocking to the treatment, with numbers doubling in the past twelve months.

Janse van Rensburg is quick to point out though that this is not a traditional naughty happy ending massage found in classifieds and illicit websites. “This is not sex work, it is therapy. Combined with other spiritual exercises like kinesiology, movement therapy and Taoist healing techniques.”

His partner in the practice, Bezuidenhout, specializes in self-discovery and awareness with several courses developed to assist people seeking for answers, to find it within themselves. “There are many ways to achieve a spiritual result,” says Bezuidenhout, “but an amorous massage expedites the process due to the massive amount of energy generated during sensual touch.”

Janse van Rensburg adds that orgasms are incidental in the treatment, and that it is the importance of the journey that matters.

It all started when the pair met happenstance. Bezuidenhout is a champion belly dancer and teacher, noticing that many women become highly emotional during certain dance movements.

“The fluidity of the body during a belly dance tends to release emotion,” she says, “and through this many pent-up feelings reveal themselves.” It was cross-referral of clients that ended up seeing them couple-up professionally to delve deeper into positive energy work. “I have been doing this for a dozen years or so,” says Janse van Rensburg, and adds that his clientele consults for various reasons.

“We have worked with women who have experienced sexual problems, been abused and even rape victims,” says Janse van Rensburg.

Some take an appointment to realign energy and find inner balance. In addition, he says, the odd friends’ set also visits for a spicy adventure. “We do on occasion see friends and couples consult simply to get some naughty going, but it is the exception rather than the rule.” Divorcees are also common as clients, with potential new sexual encounters and its potential for disaster.

“Women arrive and ask us to check ‘whether it’s all still working down there’, almost like a checkup,” he smiles.

It is all about the chakras, says Bezuidenhout. It is the median energy points along your body of which your genitals, or base chakra, form the lower end of the chain and the top of your head, or your crown chakra, at its opposite, in between there are several other energy points, each with a different relevance to the body, mind, and spirit.

“We have seen a definite move toward spiritual awareness,” she notes, “with the pandemic really taking people to a place of deeper contemplation and a desire for self-awareness.” Janse van Rensburg agrees and adds that the pair have developed several tools, of which the amorous massage is but one, to aid individual awakening.

“We work with people to learn, first of all, how to communicate with themselves,” he says. “How to connect with themselves, how to make decisions better, using body heart and mind. How to learn to see through others more clearly, how to create boundaries and how to wade through this whirlpool of life.”

Bezuidenhout emphasizes the importance thereof by adding that you need to allow yourself to feel, through all your sense. To allow energy to flow freely.

“If I’ve got a set of keys in my hands and I then describe it to you,” says Bezuidenhout. “I’ll tell you that it’s heavy, it may be glossy. Some of the keys are even a bit sticky. It may give you a good representation of what they keys feel like or look like, but only when you hold the keys yourself does it provide an accurate visual, feeling, and tactile experience of the keys.”

This, says Bezuidenhout, is where body experience comes in. “In order to experience something, you must merge with it, touch it, feel it and become one with it. This is how someone can feel their own energy.”

Author and journalist Hein Kaiser

Author Hein Kaiser

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