Lerato Maimela
Digital Journalist
2 minute read
21 Apr 2021
12:42 pm

TikTok dentist can tell if you’ve recently had oral sex

Lerato Maimela

'Yeah, I get this question a lot, and, yeah, we know. We know,' says the dentist with 685k followers in the viral TikTok video

Picture: iStock


A TikTok user with the username cianmcbrien recently posted a video captioned: “Just found out the dentist can find out whether someone has given oral or not i’m screamingggggg.”

A dentist who is also a TikTok user took it upon himself to respond and verify that the information is true.

The dentist with 685,000 followers said: “Yeah, I get this question a lot and, yeah, we know. We know.”

He added: “How do we know? I think if we go into details, TikTok will censor it.”

The dentist decided to make a new video a few days later after his first video went viral. In the video the dentist explained: “Let’s say you really like sucking on a lollipop, one or two here or there, not a big deal. But let’s say you like to suck on multiple lollipops all the time, you got a problem. It’s going to cause palatal petechiae.”

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The dentist continued to explain what happens: “As you can see, bruising of the soft palate and irritation right here. And guys, if you have braces, all I can say is yikes!”

According to BMJ Case Reports, fellatio is a cause of palatal petechiae. Fellatio is defined as the stimulation of a man’s sexual organ by a partner’s mouth by sucking or licking, although it can be undertaken by adults of any gender.

Sciencedirect.com also says that palatal lesions from fellatio have been noted most often in women.

“The petechiae typically re asymptomatic and involve the soft palate or the hard and soft palate junction. Correlation with a clinical history of recent oral sexual activity makes the diagnosis readily apparent, although many patients are reluctant to discuss their sexual practices.”