Karabo Mokoena
Content producer
2 minute read
28 May 2021
4:36 pm

WATCH: Some fatherly advice, one dad to another

Karabo Mokoena

The internet is full of tips and tricks for moms, so here's a dad with some tips for dads.

TikTok dad Zack Burris has gone super viral after posting a series of videos, giving dads some tips. In the series he calls “tips for dads”, Zack advises dads on what to try if they don’t like something.

His videos have about 16 tips, made up of things dads usually do or complain about.

For instance, dads don’t like it when moms take too long preparing the kids to leave the house. Zack advises dads to try to help mom prepare the kids instead.

The videos have garnered thousands of views online, and some online publishers have compiled the videos and reposted them. Tyla, a woman’s entertainment, and news company reposted the video, gaining over 190K views.

The tips range from grocery shopping, changing diapers, not putting the gaming console away, the phone down, or complaining about no food after work.

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Unfortunately in many households, moms are still expected to work for and in the house. Working moms prepare the kids in the morning, go to work, come home to prepare food for everyone, and be good wives.

On the Tyla Facebook page, moms expressed their gratitude for husbands that are partners. Mom Stephanie Phelan commented and said “man, how sexy is a contributing husband and good father? I’m lucky though to have one of my own at home.”

The Tyla team received backlash for calling Zack a “well-trained” dad, moms saying that it is insulting and patronising. They prefer to call him a decent human being that knows what is expected of him as a husband and a father.

The babysitting tip won the biggest applause from people online. Usually, dads often say they are babysitting their children when mom is not around. According to Zach, tip #9 is never to call looking after your children babysitting, especially because you are the kid’s father.

“Its called parenting,” he says.