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2 Jun 2021
9:31 am

Dj Zinhle talks Hair Majesty and the business of wigs

Thami Kwazi

In addition to being an award-winning artist and entrepreneur, DJ Zinhle formally launched a new wig brand, Hair Majesty.

DJ Zinhle.

DJ Zinhle is well known in fashion and beauty circles and her new venture is selling wigs  that come in many textures, colours and lengths.

The range consists of  Peruvian 12A Lace wigs and will grow as the months progress.

The entrepreneurial KwaZulu-Natal born DJ  is also the  founder of Era by DJ Zinhle eyewear company and accessories. She is also the CEO of Boulevard Rosé and its sparkling wine brand Jiyane Atelier .

The wigs should be snapped up in no time given the sales pace of her other items.

The Citizen caught up with her about her new line.


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What made you get into the hair business?

Every time I go into business, I get into things that have a deep significance and resonate with my personal life.

I partnered with a team of people who have experience in hair. The investors have experience in hair and fully understood the importance of a high-quality product.

I’ve had fun with hair and I always receive compliments when it comes to my hairstyles, colour and quality of the hair I choose to wear. Being a wig lover and a style risk-taker, I decided to venture into bringing hair to my customers.

How did you pick the styles of the first batch of wigs on the website?

With the various styles we did a lot of research into hair and what people are currently wearing, the styles people are curious about.

It’s important to research your market and not assume this is what they will love, so we took time to do that and I also factored what I like into the range. I love experimenting with colour.

My personal favourites we added to the range and curated on responses from my followers and fans.

People lead me to what they like and every business I go to is for the people.

The pink and blonde wigs are showstoppers what made you add them?


DJ Zinhle.

I experiment with my hair and it has to be done properly, with good quality human hair that can be treated, I don’t want the market to be frustrated when buying hair from me. I want them to get what they deserve.

The wigs are pre-plucked, this is a time and money saver, why this option?

Everything is based around convenience for wearers. Cut down the process of going to town and getting someone to customise and pluck the wigs. It’s quick and easy wear and go.

The bob wigs are a higher price why?

The quality of fibre used is exceptional, they will last many years. The investors and I trust in the hair we’ve produced.

Can you colour the hair?

Yes, I’ve been wearing the hair and testing it for six to eight months, it’s really good quality and when bleached and dyed it maintained its lustre throughout.

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