Earl Coetzee
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15 Jun 2021
2:18 pm

Bitcoin book hopes to bring African youngsters into the crypto fold

Earl Coetzee

BNaira covers various aspects of bitcoin and cryptocurrency, from buying and selling, to mining and blockchain technology.

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The multibillion-rand crypto currency industry may have taken the world by storm – with the granddaddy of the space, bitcoin, globally worth $650 billion by last month – but many people are still sceptical about investing their hard-earned cash in cryptocurrencies.

With many unsuspecting traders being swindled in online scams, Nigerian artist and digital entrepreneur Adewale Adebayo, popularly known as BNaira, has written a book entitled Make Money While You Sleep in response to several questions on trading in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

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According to BNaira, it is possible to become a millionaire through trading when equipped with knowledge.

The book to be launched on June 16, in commemoration of Youth Day in South Africa, covers various aspects of bitcoin and cryptocurrency – how to buy and sell bitcoin, mining bitcoin, earning bitcoin and understanding blockchain technology.

The book, revealing the inside story on how to really win with cryptocurrency, specifically bitcoin, also incorporates motivational content at the end of every chapter to inspire readers.

“It is about steps on the journey to financial freedom. The phenomenal popularity of bitcoin has presented possibly the biggest gap in education on what it entails and how to win big,” BNaira says.

“I am very passionate about our African youth who always contact me on social media, wanting me to mentor them. Unfortunately, I can’t mentor every single one of them because I don’t have the time. That’s why I have written this book, because I want our youth in Africa to become financially savvy.”

The popular cryptocurrency platform Luno, has over seven million trading “wallets” or accounts across its operations.

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BNaira says: “For the vast majority of South Africans, the idea of investing in cryptocurrency is still a distant dream.

“A study done by Generational Wealth Education, has revealed that only one pupil in 75 public schools knew about cryptocurrency. The access to cryptocurrency knowledge never extends beyond the wealthy and the middle class.”

Born in the Nigerian state of Ekiti state Nigeria, BNaira is a graduate of the University of Lagos where he studied geography, venturing into music in 2021.

Make Money While You Sleep will soon be available at all leading book stores nationwide.